Domino’s increases website purchases using personalised social media videos

Personalised video improves website purchases and return on ad spend


Improved Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Website Purchases


Increase in View-Through-Rate

The challenge

Domino’s was faced with a major challenge - their campaigns would initially generate a lot of social engagement but this would quickly drop off.
Domino’s wanted to target existing customers and repurpose their TV campaign creative for their social channels, with a goal of increasing conversions as well as website purchases with dynamic videos tailored to their audiences.

The solution

Using the Spirable platform, Domino’s took existing ATL ads, and used them to create over a thousand targeted videos.

Adverts and messages were adapted depending on the interests of target groups - covering family, Christmas, TV box sets, and football. Videos were automatically scheduled and delivered to targeted audiences via Facebook.

“The contextual video content we produced using the Spirable platform transformed our existing assets into a whole new campaign. With all of the video production fully automated, the process was straightforward, and introducing personalisation achieved great results”.

Kathy Connolly | Paid Media Manager, Domino’s UK & Ireland

The results

Using Spirable, Domino’s was able to create an impactful social media campaign which utilised audience interests to great effect. As a result, they were able to drive existing customers further down the funnel and increase website purchases by 88%.

They also achieved an improved return on ad spend by 23% - indicating that those interacting with a personalised video are more likely to make more frequent, and higher value purchases.

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