01 February

Why We Changed Our Name To Spirable

In 2015, Dave and I started on a journey to help brands communicate their stories through visual content. We set up as Photospire, and started to build a technology company.

The strategy back then was to enable brands to reuse their data and creative assets to create personalised content. At the start, our assumption was that the creative assets would primarily be photos. Hence, the Photospire name was born.

Very early into our journey, we recognised that video was on the rise and offered the best medium for digital storytelling. Because of this, our product offering expanded back in 2015 to focus on the personalisation and contextualisation of video. Alas, the name didn’t change as we piled our efforts into building the product and getting it out to customers.

Over the last three years, we’ve evolved significantly as a business, more than quadrupling in size by hiring some very talented people across our technology and client facing functions. Today, we’re proud to have built valuable customer relationships and maintained the culture we set out with. As we embark on the next stage of our growth, the time is right to refocus under a name that more accurately defines us.

The English definition of Spirable is something that is capable of being breathed. Stories are something that people all over the world share, live and breathe. We bring stories to life digitally by making them relevant and useful for every single person. Right now, we do this through video and AI, but the pace of change in our industry is so incredible that it makes the future very exciting indeed.

So what is it about Spirable that aligns with our company today? We believe it’s reflects our unwavering commitment to live our mission: change the way brands communicate with people for the better through useful, inspiring content. Spirable encapsulates our commitment to bringing action and inspiration together, to make digital storytelling more valuable across all mediums and channels.

I hope you enjoy what’s coming. Our evolution doesn’t stop.

Ger O’Meara – CEO & Co-Founder – Feb 2018