10 July

Why Use Personalised Video?

This piece is by Holly Brown, Marketing Intern.
Holly wanted to showcase the ease of creating personalised video content using Spirable.

It is increasingly evident that there is a vast scope of diversity among people in terms of their lifestyles, values, likes, and dislikes; moulding their consumption preferences and behaviours, which are inevitably induced by contrasting regional and cultural landscapes. 

It is undeniable that technology is constantly developing and modernising at a fast-pace; so as a marketer it is vital to stay aligned with these innovations, and how people behave as consumers. This facilitates a move away from the days of generic advertising, and instead towards personalisation. Personalised ads perform better because they support the unique necessities and desires of different people.  

Personalised Video

Using video as a marketing tool is essential in capturing the interest and engagement of people; by quickly and easily conveying a brand’s message. The relationship between brand and customer can be humanised through personalisation, creating videos that speak to the customer on an individual level. 

The Benefits

The benefits marketers can gain through providing personalisation is extensive. Personalised videos are an efficient means of reaching vast audiences at scale; by conveying highly engaging, current and relevant content, which is formatted in an individually customised way and delivered to the audience at just the right moment. 

The success of personalised video is achieved as a result of them being contextually data-driven; meaning thousands of different videos can be dynamically created and distributed to audiences at the right time and location, targeted to their unique interests. Live data allows content to be reactive, facilitating the tailoring of ads to the customer’s surroundings in real-time; a key factor in driving engagement and sales.

Highly personalised advertising is a method brands use as a way of building rapport and creating strong relationship foundations with their customers; it emphasises their duty of care to the customer, whilst also making it evident to them that their interests and preferences have been put at the fore. Building and maintaining connections with customers is not only an essential means for driving initial sales, but also loyalty.

Holly made the following video within a day, with no prior training or experience using Spirable.