Attracting the attention of today’s consumer is no mean feat. The average phone user scrolls the height of Mount Everest every day, making it extremely competitive for brands to create content that stands out. Personalised video has been proven to conquer this challenge, allowing brands to create highly relevant and meaningful content that resonates and drives action along the entire funnel, from awareness to conversion and loyalty.

During this webinar you will hear Spirable, Facebook and Pandora reveal how you can easily create, scale and optimise video creative that reaches peak performance and drive efficiencies for your brand.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why personalised video is the future of advertising
  • How to create the most effective video creative across the most impactful placements
  • How to dynamically create thousands of video ads from one video template using data
  • How Pandora used location and live data to scale dynamic video and drive efficiencies

Watch the webinar now

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