Video marketing is still on the rise. We’re consuming more and more video content each day and globally 80% of all internet traffic is estimated to be video by 2021 according to Cisco. As it stands today one third of internet activity is spent watching video. People aren’t just watching for fun either, they’re learning to play instruments and taking online fitness classes to fit around their busy schedules.

The online world is full of information and whilst it can open up so many possibilities, many consumers can be left feeling overwhelmed. Video can deliver information instantly which, whilst it has its benefits, can actually be more difficult to digest than traditional forms of media as most consumers don’t have the tools to effectively filter all of the video content they watch.

Imagine a world in which consumers only see content that is valuable, relevant and tailored to their needs. Personalised video marketing is an effective way for brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers online.

As a marketeer, how can you use video to not only reach but engage your target audience?

1. Use Artificial Intelligence to understand your Customers

AI is a powerful tool that enables brands to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns, developing intent based on consumers interests and showing them the right products at the right time. A recent study showed that the majority of companies with AI systems effectively increased sales and inbound leads.

2. Deliver Contextual Video to Increase Engagement

Contextual Video uses data to generate content that is personalised, relevant and in-the-moment. Don’t waste your resources targeting the wrong consumer with the wrong product. Use data to create inspiring content for each person showing them products that they’re more likely to need based on their circumstances and unique interests.

3. Create Mobile-friendly Content

Understand where people are watching and sharing your videos and the format your content needs to be in. Today over half of all video content is consumed on mobile. Moreover, video platforms for smartphones are evolving and ‘more mature’ social networks are developing new solutions. Think about IGTV, for example, which enables full-screen, vertical, longer-form videos.

4. Keep it simple

Make content that’s useful for people. ‘Choice Overload’ can discourage people from buying, yet if you are able to provide a product or service that speaks to an individual on a personal level, they’re more likely to engage with your brand. Furthermore, think about the length of your marketing videos. People have shorter and shorter attention spans and don’t necessarily have the patience to watch a full-length movie on their phones.

5. Inspire with Clever Storytelling

Create inspiring video content by bringing together data, creative and old-fashioned storytelling. Last but certainly not least, add unique visuals that make your videos stand out from the crowd.

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