Capturing and retaining the attention of today’s connected traveler has never been more challenging. Digital innovation has transformed the way people research and book travel, empowering them along a complex, cross-channel journey. As a marketer, it’s difficult to keep-up with consumers who are now able to book travel anywhere and anytime.

In Inspire. Engage. Convert. Transform the Travel Journey with Personalised Video we uncover how travel marketers can efficiently optimise each moment of the travel journey using data-driven personalised video. This powerful duo allows marketers to tell the most rich and inspiring story possible, uniquely tailored to each audience at scale. The result? Better performance across channel, from awareness to conversion and loyalty.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How personalisation + video can have a big impact on campaign performance
  • How to save time and resources by automating the creation and distribution of personalised video across channel. 
  • How to use CRM and live contextual data to create truly unique and relevant ads that drive action.
  • Examples of how other leading travel brands have optimised each moment of the travel journey using personalised video.

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