Last week some of the team at Spirable were at UnboundLDN – a festival of innovation where big brands, startups and technology pioneers were showcasing the exciting ways in which they’re disrupting various sectors.

This year we were part of the Vodafone Dig 20, twenty startups carefully selected by Vodafone from a long-list of one hundred businesses who are disrupting their industry.

Here are some of the many topics that grabbed our attention.

Content & Cutting Through The Noise

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. These days as brands find themselves up against an infinite amount of content it’s all about the approach and delivering useful, relevant content to consumers.

It was fascinating to hear personalisation and adaptive content run through several talks and panels as a key theme, and to hear about the challenges brands are facing regarding personalisation across digital and social.

Undoubtedly, brands are more focused than ever on delivering content that is personalised, relevant and in-the-moment at all stages of the funnel.

Data & Creativity

Another interesting topic was the relationship between data & creativity and how brands can leverage both to tell a captivating and compelling story to their consumers.

This leads nicely on from the point above about reaching customers with the right message at the right time. Instead of stifling creative, data is empowering creative ideas and allowing brands to connect on a more personal level with their customers online and leveraging content to drive sales.

At Spirable we believe in putting storytelling back in the hands of marketeers, using data-driven creative to change the story based on contextual data.

Technology and the Future

From how technology will impact the workplace, to smart cities, to unpacking the AI opportunity… one key theme emerged linking them all: the future.

As a collective of innovators and entrepreneurs, Unbound London is naturally a future-facing event. Many conversations were had about how emerging technologies could or should shape the future of certain industries and how to scale innovation in order to have a meaningful impact.

Our Vision

At Spirable our vision is simple: inspire people through useful content.

For us the future is enabling brands to reach customers and inspire them with content that is useful, relevant in in-the-moment. The Spirable platform is designed to combine data with creativity to tell compelling stories across digital and social.

Get in touch to find out how Contextual Personalised Video could work at scale for your brand, and join businesses such as Vodafone, Diageo and Domino’s who are benefiting from personalised video at scale.