03 August

Spirable Culture: Team Building Virtually

In recent months, Spirable has been trialling a number of ways in which our teams can virtually assemble for social events and team building. Initially this was a challenge to successfully achieve remotely, as we want to provide our employees with an experience that is both engaging and interactive.

Collaboration is a vital part of Spirable’s culture, as it gives our team the opportunity to learn from one another, form bonds and most importantly, aids in nurturing creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

With this in mind, we decided to try a Murder Mystery Teambuilding event entitled: Murder in Ancient Egypt. As the name suggests it entails working together to solve puzzles and piece together cryptic clues, to discover who might have been the perpetrator of a historical Ancient Egyptian murder. Who doesn’t like to jump into the shoes of an investigator!

The puzzles, riddles and clues all revolve around a fictional story – which without spoiling too much – is incredibly interesting in itself. The activities posed varying challenges, with each and every person having a pivotal role to play in the success of their team. The enthusiasm and energy of the facilitators was key to fostering an atmosphere whereby everyone felt involved and fully immersed in the story.

Following the success and ease of this team building event, we have more digital events planned for the Spirable team in the coming months.

Find out more about teambuilding events like this here.