2020 has been a tough year for everyone. So much has changed and, understandably, this has resulted in numerous new challenges for marketers to tackle.

More people than ever before are now working from home and choosing to shop online. Plus, with travel limited, sports stadiums empty and shopping centre footfall at an all-time low, the opportunities for advertising will likely be elsewhere in 2021. Of course, some things may go back to normal, but others are likely to have changed forever.

Marketers need to be prepared for the new normal, and learn how to adapt to make the most of this future. These changes will have a big impact on how brands do business and how their marketing teams operate.

In this guide:

  • Discover how you can flourish despite tighter budgets and fewer resources at your disposal.
  • Learn how you can be more agile and reactive, whilst increasing the relevance of your marketing.
  • Discover how you can create and distribute with ease across multiple channels, formats and placements.
  • Explore the latest changes in ad targeting and how you can overcome these.
  • Find out how you can free up time without compromising on what you want to achieve.

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