23 April

Segment Asset Customisation: A Game Changer in Campaign Localisation on Facebook

Spirable has successfully automated and scaled some of the world’s largest and most highly regarded localisation campaigns, resulting in increased ROI due to the relevance of each ad to the individual. Guinness for example effortlessly executed 30,000 localised video ads for the Rugby Internationals to drive footfall into 2500 local bars, and Deutsche Bahn’s no need to fly campaign won 4 Cannes Lions – all using Spirable’s self-serve platform. Today we are excited to announce that localisation campaigns can be taken to the next level using Segment Asset Customisation, a new Facebook solution. 

As a leading Facebook Creative Partner, Spirable has developed the capability to tap into this new technology that allows you to build geo-location rules to tailor the creative to individuals, within an ad set. Using Spirable, you can easily scale your creative and then further enrich using live data such as the weather, to achieve the most relevant creative for each audience, at the lowest cost.  

What is Segment Asset Customisation (SAC)?

Historically, if you wanted to run a campaign that targeted different geo-locations, with different messages, you would have to build these as separate ad sets within a campaign.

For example, if you are a clothing retailer and you want to serve different ads depending on the weather in a user’s location, you would need to set up your campaign like this:

(Pre SAC campaign set-up):

There are several challenges with this approach:

  1. It splits your audience into smaller chunks, which can reduce buying efficiencies
  2. For conversion campaigns, you may find that Facebook does not gather enough data to come out of the learning phase
  3. If you want to overlay multiple signals, i.e. serve audience-based messaging, you multiply the number of ad sets and further impact buying efficiencies

Despite these challenges, our customers have seen increases of 5x ROI and 9.5x CTR when using personalisation. It’s success like this that inspires Facebook to continue to develop features that empower brands and agencies to excel with personalisation on their platform.

How does Segment Asset Customisation help?

SAC enables you to assign rules to creatives, instructing Facebook to dynamically serve assets to specific sub-segments within a larger audience buy.

This will enable you to retain your buying efficiencies with a large audience, while at the same time ensuring only the most relevant creatives reach specific users within that audience:

(Campaign set-up using SAC):


As you can see, in the above setup, we are able to create more personalised variants and ensure they are served to the right audience at the right time, while still reaping the benefits of a broad audience buy (more audience data for Facebook algorithms to work with = more efficient operation, delivery and better results).

How Spirable adds value

While this is an impressive feature from a media perspective, there are still challenges that need to be addressed when launching a personalised video campaign at scale:

  1. Creating multiple video ad variations
  2. Pushing these ads to the right audiences
  3. Serving these ads at the right time

1. Creating Multiple Video Ads

If you were to launch a weather-driven campaign similar to the above, below is a rough estimate of how many ads you would need to create:

X2 weather types, x2 audiences, x20 locations – 80 creatives

Creating 80 creatives using a traditional workflow would be extremely costly and time consuming, but with a template solution such as Spirable, this can be done in minutes.

2. Pushing these ads to Facebook

You also need to tell Facebook who should get each of these creatives within your broad audience buy. Spirable can use a predefined set of rules to ensure every one of these 80 assets is served to the correct audience.

3. Automating the serving of these ads according to data triggers

In order to serve the right ad at the right time, leveraging data external to Facebook, you need a dynamic creative partner.

Spirable enables you to build rules and integrate with 3rd party feeds, such as live data triggers including the weather, pollution and UV levels, sport scores, stock levels and more, as well as automate the delivery of ads against these predefined rules.


Want to learn more about Segment Asset Customisation?

To capitalise on the benefits of this new feature please request a demo with one of our video advertising specialists.