Black Friday is almost upon us! Originally considered the kick-off to Christmas shopping in the US, the Black Friday phenomenon has spread across the globe and in 2017 was bigger than ever in the UK.

Let’s take a quick look at 2017 in numbers:

    • Consumers in the US spent $5 billion in the on Black Friday alone
    • Online sales were up 14.7% year-on-year reaching a staggering $108 billion
    • Mobile sales accounted for one third of online Christmas shopping, up 28% from the previous year

With Amazon dominating Black Friday in the world of ecommerce, brands must compete to provide a frictionless and highly engaging customer experience across digital and social platforms.

Drive Conversions on Social Media

Cutting through the noise on Social Media in particular can be tricky and as well as competing with each other for consumers’ attention they’re up against influencers, celebrities and even other social media users.

Personalisation and the use of Contextual Video is proven to be more engaging and likely to drive awareness to conversions. Spirable is enabling brands to generate personalised video at scale across all social platforms. Take a look at our Case Studies to find out how content that is relevant and in-the-moment is driving results for brands such as Hunter, Philips and Domino’s.

Another highly engaging video ad format is of course Facebook & Instagram Story Ads. Stories shouldn’t be ignored as a way of driving conversions and with Spirable you can retarget consumers based on their browsing behaviour with Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Stories at scale across the two platforms. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Event-Driven Contextual Videos

Consumers are demanding more and more from brands in a number of ways and when it comes to marketing and advertising they want personalised, useful, relevant content that is in-the-moment.

For Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or other events in the retail calendar using dynamic content that changes based on the time of the day, location (to physical stores), day-to-day countdowns, sales prices or even stock levels delivers just that. Event-driven videos create a sense of urgency and inspire action among your target audience. See how Spirable works for ecommerce on social.

Tackling Abandoned Baskets

It’s a common occurrence among consumers online. Abandonment rates soared to a whopping 74.5% in the US last year. Savvy shoppers add items to their online baskets but only purchase once they’re positive they’ve found the best deal. There are a few reasons why consumers abandon shopping baskets, and there are a few ways to keep them engaged.

Personalised chatbots are one way of keeping customers in the checkout process by responding to relevant questions, helping to build trust and establishing genuine engagement.

A well-timed personalised video sent via email can also tempt consumers back, in particular featuring tailored product recommendations or complimentary items. Automated, scalable CRM campaigns drive both loyalty, retention and conversions, through the right approach to leveraging valuable first party data.

Personalised Style Guides and Lookbooks

Around Black Friday or Christmas, brands should invest in existing customers and avoid neglecting them for short term gains. Black Friday Sales do not necessarily lead to long term relationships and in general, customers who purchase outside of major sales events are more consistent. Personalised video lookbooks are an engaging method for upselling and cross-selling to those customers whose data is already stored on a CRM system.

Spirable platform is working with brands on a global scale across fashion, retail, fmcg and travel to create hundreds or thousands of one-to-one personalised lookbooks for individuals based on purchase history or other customer data. For our clients, personalised style guides have resulted in an up to 3X increase in conversions.