08 June

Six Ways Data-Driven Creative is Shaking Up the Entertainment Industry

2020 saw the entertainment industry truly take a nosedive. The U.S. concert industry saw $9 billion in losses, and the global film industry took a loss of $32 billion—with a 71.5% decrease in box office revenue. The effects were monumental, with mass media and entertainment powerhouses taking a huge hit.

Now that the world is starting to see signs of opening up; with entertainment and sporting events returning to a new normal, it’s more imperative than ever before for brand and media executives to engage with their target market in a relevant and meaningful way.

Here are six ways brands like Spotify, Netflix and NBC are leveraging Spirable to cut through the noise and make an impression in an over-crowded marketplace.

1) Combat ad fatigue with dynamic video

From one template, PlayStation created over 300+ video assets in 18 different languages which were distributed globally in a matter of days.

The silent killer of ad performance: ad fatigue. Luckily, this can be overcome via the use of modular creative assets, or repurposed existing assets together with dynamic templates.

Dynamic templates enable the creation of dozens of unique variations, saving time and resources, and also minimising the effect of ad fatigue by serving your audience more compelling ads across multiple platforms.

2) Personalize your content

With Spirable, DraftKings was able to integrate live sports odds into their creative to drive tune-ins to NFL regular season games.

It’s no secret that personalized, contextually-targeted content is effective. Displaying the right creative at the right time is invaluable. Add dynamic content to the equation and your content can, quite literally, be thumb-stopping. Using contextual data triggers—like time of the day, day of the week or other live data like the current weather—to tailor your ads to a specific audience is sure to cut through the noise.

Through the use of live and contextual data you can ensure your creative is relevant and useful.
3) Increase conversions with localization

With tickets going on sale for upcoming tours, shows and festivals, using geo-targeting, marketers can create relevant, useful content. 

Adapting your messaging on a local level in accordance with specific locations and markets not only boosts your engagement but also drives footfall to venues and retailers that are opening back up, such as theatres, stadiums and more. Check out how Guinness did it!

4) Utilize unassuming social tools like Facebook Messenger

With Spirable, Manchester City (Premier League Soccer club) fully integrated their CRM to create personalized videos calling out the fan’s name, country and favorite player.

Through the use of direct messaging app: Facebook Messenger, marketers can add a personal touch to their campaigns. It creates a streamlined and interactive, one-on-one experience for consumers that is hyper-localized, effective and a driver of conversions. See how Captain Morgan nailed it!

5) Automate key marketing communications and promotions

Driving efficiencies through automation will be key in 2021. By automating your creative using live, contextual and first-party data, your real-time content becomes that much more effective; in a privacy-compliant way. 

6) Scale your creative

Easily scaling your creative is crucial. What’s the use of creating beautiful video content if it isn’t viewed by the right audience? Spirable allows you to generate hundreds or even thousands of unique video ads from a single dynamic template and can distribute it across multiple channels within minutes.


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