Capturing the attention of today’s consumer isn’t easy, but capturing the attention of today’s consumer on Black Friday is near impossible. Competition is rife as brands vie for attention across multiple channels, devices and technology—hoping to secure a portion of the whopping $12 billion in online spend that is predicted over the 24 hour period.

So how do you make sure your advertising stands out in this hyper-competitive landscape? The answer is personalisation. To get noticed, your content needs to be tailored to the individual. When content is relevant it gets noticed because it connects on a deeper level with an individual’s likes, preferences, needs and set of circumstances, resulting in more engagement and action.

Personalisation + Video

The most effective medium to deliver personalised content is through video. Video allows you to tell a much more rich and engaging story, unmatched by any other medium. Together personalisation + video create the perfect synergy of relevant storytelling, delivered through the most engaging format. But executing this at scale can be challenging, as both personalisation and video can be time consuming and resource heavy.

Pandora is a Shining Example

To overcome this challenge, brands are turning to technology to help them easily create and scale personalised video across multiple channels. Pandora, one of the most recognised brands in the world, is using Spirable to create thousands of highly relevant video ads across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Using numerous data triggers such as countdown data, location data and audience data, Pandora is able to dynamically change their video creative in real-time – creating individualised ads at mass scale, resulting in huge increases in efficiency and performance. In a 2018 campaign (see case study), Pandora was able to create 7,623 video ads in only 5 hours vs what would be 670 hours* if the personalised ads were created manually. This resulted in a 99% workflow efficiency.

Pandora are running exciting new dynamic video campaigns over the 2019 Black Friday and Christmas period. Watch this space for more on the success of these latest campaigns.

With consumers spending an increasing amount of time online scrolling through content, the fight for eye-balls is constantly increasing. Black Friday gets bigger every year with an estimated 26% of people planning to make a purchase this Black Friday, up from 21% in 2018 and 19% in 2017. Personalised advertising is becoming a fundamental requirement to capture the attention of your audiences, make sure it’s part of your 2020 strategy.

To learn more about the results we’ve helped brands achieve, and how Spirable can help you boost sales and increase your ROI, get in touch or view our case studies

*Based on 3 minutes to create an ad set, and 5 minutes to create an ad from scratch.