Why Use Personalised Video?

This piece is by Holly Brown, Marketing Intern.
Holly wanted to showcase the ease of creating personalised video content using Spirable.

It is increasingly evident that there is a vast scope of diversity among people in terms of their lifestyles, values, likes, and dislikes; moulding their consumption preferences and behaviours, which are inevitably induced by contrasting regional and cultural landscapes. 

It is undeniable that technology is constantly developing and modernising at a fast-pace; so as a marketer it is vital to stay aligned with these innovations, and how people behave as consumers. This facilitates a move away from the days of generic advertising, and instead towards personalisation. Personalised ads perform better because they support the unique necessities and desires of different people.  

Personalised Video

Using video as a marketing tool is essential in capturing the interest and engagement of people; by quickly and easily conveying a brand’s message. The relationship between brand and customer can be humanised through personalisation, creating videos that speak to the customer on an individual level. 

The Benefits

The benefits marketers can gain through providing personalisation is extensive. Personalised videos are an efficient means of reaching vast audiences at scale; by conveying highly engaging, current and relevant content, which is formatted in an individually customised way and delivered to the audience at just the right moment. 

The success of personalised video is achieved as a result of them being contextually data-driven; meaning thousands of different videos can be dynamically created and distributed to audiences at the right time and location, targeted to their unique interests. Live data allows content to be reactive, facilitating the tailoring of ads to the customer’s surroundings in real-time; a key factor in driving engagement and sales.

Highly personalised advertising is a method brands use as a way of building rapport and creating strong relationship foundations with their customers; it emphasises their duty of care to the customer, whilst also making it evident to them that their interests and preferences have been put at the fore. Building and maintaining connections with customers is not only an essential means for driving initial sales, but also loyalty.

Holly made the following video within a day, with no prior training or experience using Spirable.

Valentine’s Day Campaign Ideas for Retailers

The magical Valentine’s Day is approaching and consumers are starting to have a hard time in deciding the right gift. People are willing to spend more and more money on beautiful, quality gifts, and at the same time, expectations for gifts are getting higher. According to the US NRF 55% of the population celebrates Valentine’s Day, and last year the average consumer was expected to spend over US$140, slightly more than a year prior. Valentine’s Day has a growing presence in the UK: in 2017 consumers spent £60 on average on gifts, compared to £41 in 2016. For retailers Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to bring old customers to stores and online and attract new customers. They key is to understand what type of gifts customers are looking for and for whom. The most likely material gifts are typically jewelry, flowers, clothing and gift cards. Valentine’s Day is no longer just for romantic partners. People shop gifts for their family, friends, coworkers and even for pets. Indeed, In 2016 19% of people in the US bought gifts for their pets, totaling $681 million. Given, the amount of single people, many choose to spoil themselves with extravagant gifts. Clearly, there is a market niche for almost every business.

People start looking for gift ideas a few week prior to the critical day. Personalised and well-thought out gift ideas are more than warmly welcomed by most consumers. Last minute shopping is not unusual. To minimise last-minute shopping stress, clever retailers focus on creating painless eCommerce and mobile shopping platforms where latecomers can quickly click gifts and order them on-the-go.

Create Seamless eCommerce and Mobile Shopping Experiences

Consumers interest towards mobile shopping is constantly increasing. According to a report by Forrester Analytics, the US retail sales via smartphone is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18% between 2018 and 2023!

Moreover, half ot the US retail sales is digitally impacted and the figure is expected to grow to 58% by 2023. Last year, the US NRF found almost one third of Valentine’s Day shoppers planned to shop online and over one third of smartphone owners said they were planning to research Valentine’s Day products on their phones. Furthermore, an average US adult spends almost 24 hours per week online, and Instagram alone is used 53 minutes a day by an average user according to data by SimilarWeb, and figures for Facebook and Snapchat are very close to that. These numbers are good news for marketers: the more time people spend on social platforms, the more time there is to reach them with personally-tailored marketing campaigns.

Since most consumers are connected to multiple devices, it is essential to create frictionless omni-channel marketing experiences. A shopper can for instance start by searching for gift ideas with a desktop, and endup on the website of their favourite brand. However, the consumer lives a very hectic life and doesn’t remember to choose a gift until a day or two prior to the deadline. If the omni-channel strategy is fully implemented, a consumer should be able to complete their shopping experience effortlessly even weeks later on a different platform. Especially when catering to last-minute shoppers, user-friendly mobile shopping experiences are critical: people expect to be able to place their last-minute gift, grocery and flower delivery orders on-the-go.

Retarget Loyal Customers with an Email Containing Personalised Gift Ideas and Lookbooks

Since most consumers leave gift shopping until the last minute, personalised gift ideas are a powerful way to convert inspiration-seekers into buying customers. Major global brands are leveraging their CRM data systems by using Spirable platform to generate hundreds of thousands of personalised style guides which can be delivered through email. Each customer receives a highly personalised lookbook video enabling the customer to click the products as they feature in the video. Personalised lookbook videos have high view-through rate and can help to triple online conversions. At the same time, email with a highly personalised content serves as an engaging reminder of the celebration day.

Inspire and Boost Sales with Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Stories

Instagram is used by over 1 billion people worldwide. Most use it to get inspired by influencers and brands they follow. 60% of people discover new products on Instagram. Still, a major challenge for most brands is to create new, engaging marketing videos: the process typically requires lots of resources. With Spirable brands can take full advantage of their existing assets and combine them with relevant data to generate effortlessly contextually relevant, personalised videos to audiences of hundreds or even millions of people.

Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Stories are a cost-effective method to drive conversions and can be made even more effective using the Spirable platform that generates personalised video ads for each defined audience. Brands can retarget consumers based on their browsing behavior. Dynamic Shoppable Stories make shoppers life easier: by clicking a shoppable video, a viewer is led directly to a specific product landing page where they can easily finalise a shopping journey. Additionally, Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Story Ads are a clever way to boost cross-selling and upselling with beautiful, individually tailored lookbooks showcasing complementary products. The Stories Ads videos can be updated multiple times a day based on various data feeds, such as location, time, weather and bestsellers. Thus, the content is always fresh and timely for a particular viewer.

Contact Us to find out how Spirable can help supercharge your Valentine's Day sales.

Improve Campaign Performance with Automation and Personalisation

The New Year has started and it’s the right time to update our marketing stack. Automation seems to have entered every industry and marketing is no exception. Marketing Automation refers to the use of software to target customers with automated marketing notifications and messages across various channels such as email, social media and messaging. Basically, automation processes offer tools to gather and analyse data, and then built refined customer segmentation and create more effective dynamic, personalised content. Automation can help companies to save a tremendous amount of time, money and human resources. Moreover, brands are able to create highly targeted campaigns for millions of people.

Another major trend that goes hand-in-hand with automation is personalised marketing. In personalised marketing companies use various triggers to optimise the timing, content, offer, and design of every customer experience. Marketers should also think what the key stages along the customer lifecycle are and how they should react to them. The aim is to catch target customers’ attention straight away with an appropriate message. The right timing is essential for business growth and revenue. Bain & Company’s global survey found that what differentiates marketing leaders from the rest of industry players is their better understanding of making timely connections with customers, as well as their investment in supporting technology. With timely, personalised and contextual messaging brands, can increase the likelihood of immediate purchases and build long term, loyal relationships with customers.

Creating Accurate, Relevant, Timely Content at Scale

Automated marketing can offer several benefits for both consumers and business owners. According to a McKinsey report, for 80% of customers, personalisation is important and 83% of consumers are willing to share data for personalised experiences. This comes not as a surprise given the “burden of choice” the majority of consumers are facing today. People don’t want to be bombarded by irrelevant ads. They want to be informed of offers that genuinely meet their individual needs. Accenture found 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognise, remember and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. Moreover, when personalisation strategy is fully implemented it can lead to 10-20% more efficient marketing and greater cost savings as well as 10-30% uplift in revenue and retention. Certainly, there is also long-term post effect on customer satisfaction.

For instance, retail business, which typically operates in omni-channel format, requires companies to adopt advanced technology solutions in order to deliver frictionless and engaging shopping experiences where all multi-channel marketing and sales touchpoints are integrated. The competition for customers’ attention is fierce. Customers expect content to always be tailored for them and inspiring. Thus, it’s critical to tie digital messages together with offline experiences so that generated ads reflect current time, location, customer behavior and interests as well as available offering. Especially for loyalty program customers it’s crucial to be able to deliver tailored offers - not generic ones. Automating the site and ad updates can help to keep consumers excited and interested with less time and money spent.

With automation technology, content can be made relevant for well defined audience segments. Although humans can still make most strategy and creative decisions better than machines, they cannot create multiple versions of dynamic content and determine the right combination at the right time for audiences of hundreds or even millions of consumers across various channels. Adobe found in their annual Digital Trends survey that the top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for their marketing activities. Furthermore, the survey found that those brands that “have the tools to use data in order to create compelling, personalised, real time experiences” are 50% more likely than their peers to have exceeded significantly their business goals. Moreover, with AI-technology updates can be implemented immediately to ads based on relevant triggers, instead of creating more generic season or event based ads. Data-activated marketing based on an individual’s real time needs, interests and behaviors can boost total sales by 15-20%.

With automation companies can create more accurate campaigns that are not error prone like manually created ones. With advanced AI-powered technology more objective view of customers can be created without marketers’ own biases. In its best, highly sophisticated ads reflect in-the-moment real world situations, such as changing stock level and weather.

The Many Benefits of a Creative Tech Partner

Most companies do recognise the importance of personalised marketing: for 90% of retailers personalisation is a top priority, but only 15% believe they have nailed it. Companies struggle to find the right technology tools to generate personalised ads at a large scale across all channels. At the same time, consumers are expecting convenience and personalised recommendations. Yet, most of them feel digital experiences don’t meet their expectations: 48% of consumers have left a business’s website and made a purchase elsewhere because it was poorly curated.

This is where an advanced tech company partner, such us Spirable, can make a significantly measurable difference. Investing in advanced technology and data pays off: marketing leaders are 1.6 more likely to fully integrate technology platforms and 1.7 times more likely to refresh data at least weekly than laggards. Spirable’s, AI-powered and fully self-serve platform, offers trigger-based marketing optimisation solutions. Spirable automates the creation of contextually relevant and personalised marketing videos simple by combining various data feeds and brand creative assets to generate personalised videos at scale across social media, display and CRM channels. The videos are always optimised in real time: they change as often as their audiences and environments around them do. Triggers can be anything from current location, time of the day, weather or even live sports scores. Spirable ensures the created content is always fresh, in-the-moment and highly engaging at an individual level.

To find more about our cutting-edge creative technology solution and successful client stories, visit our website to get inspired. Spirable is used by major global brands to create dynamic, contextually relevant and personalised marketing video at scale.

The Power of Context in Video Marketing

Over the last decade the digital landscape and consumer behaviour have been completely transformed. The focus of the marketer has shifted from print to digital and consumers are living in a hectic world where we lose our concentration faster than a goldfish. People are moving away from desktops and laptops and towards smartphones and tablets and younger generations are spending more and more time on social media. For them, the line between “real life” and social media has become blurred. They love everything visual, which can be seen in recent statistics and whilst Facebook is experiencing stagnant growth, Instagram is being used more and more among 18- to 34-year-olds in particular.

Building an Emotional Connection with Data

Video as a marketing tool has several benefits over still images or plain text and video is expected to account 82% of all online traffic by 2022. By adding contextually relevant and personalised elements to video content, the relationship between brands and consumers becomes instantly more human. With the help of AI powered video platforms, such as the Spirable platform, brands can address audience members as individuals rather than strangers, and they can do this at scale. Relevant product and service recommendations feel more personal and this emotional connection can drive sales. By understanding brands' objectives and where they are in the customer journey, integrating with 3rd party data feeds such as weather, time of the day, location, etc. enables brands to tell a story that is more relevant and engaging.

Drive Loyalty with Engaging Content

Video ads are engaging and an easy to consume media format. Video plays up to the on-demand lifestyle of today's consumer and in a hyper connected world video can be consumed wherever and whenever. When it comes to product marketing, video saves consumers the hassle of reading tons of product reviews and endless google searches. Unsurprisingly, 64% of customers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video about it. Contextually relevant and personalised elements can further increase engagement and sales. Major global brands like Amazon and Netflix use personalised recommendations in a very successful way: 75% of all content watched on Netflix and 35% of revenue for Amazon comes from recommendations.

Tips for Success: How to Create Engaging Video Ads:

1. Have an omni-channel strategy: create content that translates across multiple touchpoints.

2. Keep it short: show consumers something relevant to them and cut through the noise.

3. Tailor your content to different customer segments: personalisation and contextual data drives engagement and inspires action.

4. Avoid ad fatigue with dynamic video: Spirable's AI-powered platform changes the creative based on what's going on around your consumers, so that what they're seeing personalised, relevant and in the moment.

5. Tell a story: we are always looking for inspiration - tell your brand's story to in a way that surprises and delights your target audience.

Find out more about contextual or personalised video at www.spirable.com .

Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Native Gen Z Audience

In an earlier blog post, we looked at millennial consumers and how marketers can reach them. In this post we focus on Gen Z, the generation after millennials, usually defined as people who were born between 1995 to 2010 or who are 20 or younger today. This generation doesn’t know the world without access to the internet and whilst they’re still young, for brands targeting consumers in their late teens and early 20s they could well prove to be customers for life. This is also a diverse generation, made up of individuals who place great importance on expressing their unique identities. Gen Z wants to be heard and be part of the conversation, perhaps even more than their Millennial predecessors.

Read on to find out which key characteristics of Gen Zers brands should pay special attention to in their marketing efforts.

1. True Digital Natives

Gen Zers are digital natives, having been exposed to the internet and social networks from the start. They’re more connected to the digital world than any generation before them and have almost separate online and offline identities - 45% of teens today say they are online almost constantly. They’re Social Media savvy and 59% more likely than other generations to connect with brands they like on social media. Their purchasing decisions are also hugely impacted by the number of “likes” products and services have received on social channels and by the opinions of influencers. Therefore, brands should should invest in building engaging social media profiles and highly personalised marketing messaging to capture the attention of late-teens and young adults. Young people are quick to move to the latest, popular channel if the content no longer serves them.

2. Expressing Individuality and Uniqueness

For Gen Zers, expressing their individual identity is vitally important. They look for more personalised products and are willing to pay a premium for that. Additionally, Gen Z is 24% more likely than Baby Boomers and Gen X to choose a digital world where their needs can be predicted by websites and apps over a world where a person is anonymous and targeted with generic messaging. According to research conducted recently by Salesforce, 67% of Gen Z consumers expect offers to be personalised. Highly personalised marketing strategies are beneficial to both to the customer and the brand: it will take less effort on the consumers’ part to find the right products and services and brands save resources by using more precise targeting.

3. Impulsive Consumers

Gen Zers want to be able to buy products and services whenever and wherever it works for them and are even more likely to purchase online than Millennials. They are interested in trying services that make shopping even easier and faster, for instance 73% are currently using or can’t wait to try voice-activated ordering and 70% of Gen Zers can’t wait to use or are willing to try buying on social media in the future. Moreover, these young shoppers are impulsive by nature and look for constant excitement. Compared to Millennials, nearly 60% more Gen Zs said they had purchased something online just because they wanted to buy or they randomly saw something they liked.

4. Engaging with New Formats: Dynamic Instagram Stories

Brands should seek to push new, in-the-moment marketing content through relevant social media channels to keep the Gen Z audience engaged and loyal. For teens the most popular platforms are now YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Major global brands are using Spirable’s self-serve platform to create personalised video ads for social media, such as Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Stories, driven by consumer browsing behaviour and contextual data. The Spirable platform is capable of creating and updating thousands of unique video ads, ensuring video content on Instagram Stories is always fresh and relevant for audiences.

Learn more about our powerful Spirable Platform!

Meet the Team: Maeve

In the fourth of Spirable’s ‘Meet the Team’ series we will introduce you to our wonderful Maeve! In this series we find out from the team what makes them tick, what led them to Spirable and why it’s a brilliant place to work!

Maeve joined our energetic Client Services team this summer as an Account Executive.

Where are you originally from?

Wicklow, Ireland.

Tell us a bit about your background?

I studied Commerce and German at University College Dublin and then went on to work in Business Development for a Data Solutions company in Zurich, and then Munich.

What led you to Spirable?

I was looking for jobs in London and came across Spirable through a recruitment agency. I found the platform really interesting and I liked the idea of working for a start-up.

What do you like most about your job?

The Spirable team.

What’s the most valuable thing you have learnt at Spirable so far?

Picking team lunch is not an easy job.

If you had to pick a mascot for Spirable what would it be and why?

Danny de Vito – there’s an inexplicable life size cut-out of him in the office.

What are your passions outside of work?

Cooking and dance.

What or who inspires you and why?

Travelling to new places always gives me new ideas and perspective.

Personalisation at Scale: Why You Need a Creative Tech Partner

In this digital era and information overload companies gather and have access to vast amounts of data. More and more companies are investing in digital advertising, but spending money on it is not enough. At the same time consumers are constantly bombarded with generic marketing messages. Everything is available all the time and everyone is always after the best deal. Finding loyal customers has become a challenge. However, there is a tremendous amount of untapped potential in creative ad tech companies that are specialised in bringing the best out of messy data resources.

Personalised Marketing for Customer Retention

Creating loyal and happy customers comes down to exceeding their expectations. This is something companies should invest in. Research shows there is a direct link between customer retention and profitability: engaged customers generate 1.7 times more revenue than unengaged customers. Highly personalised sales journeys can help to improve customer retention over time. Personalisation is all about establishing individual brand relationships. Targeted, relevant and useful content can create long-term loyalty and drive revenue growth of up to 30 percent. Moreover, contextualized marketing reduces mass-marketing spend while targeting the right audiences.

Now more than ever marketers are turning to dynamic creative optimisation with display ad technology that creates personalised ads based on data gleaned at the moment of serving the ad, enabling brands to have a more direct interaction with users. According to experts, consumers are no longer impressed by personalisation - they expect it. Yet, most companies don’t have the internal resources at their fingertips to deliver highly personalised marketing campaigns at scale, highlighting the need to invest in sophisticated creative technologies that would fully automise their marketing processes.

Data-Driven Creative: A Fully Automated Process

So why should companies invest in automating their marketing execution? Fully automated, AI platforms such as Spirable, offer significant benefits over traditional, manual ad or content creation. The platform combines data feeds and creative assets to generate videos that change as often as their audiences and the environment around them. Contextual data can be anything from time of the day, location, weather, pollen count or even live sports score. Unlike conventional ways of producing content at scale that are time consuming and error-prone, Spirable’s fully automated platform ensures ads are personalised, relevant and in the moment for Social and Display.

Generate and Distribute Content at Scale

Despite the lengths businesses are going to to create personalised video campaigns, the majority are still struggling to make it work and missing the mark with generic mass marketing. Slow movers will find themselves losing market share, whilst companies doing this well are succeeding in cutting through the noise with personalisation. When it comes to personalisation, scalability can be a huge challenge. Spirable’s sophisticated templating technology enables brands to generate hundreds or even thousands videos and distribute these in real-time across Social and Display channels on a global scale.

See the Forrester Report - inspiration for this post - on the Creative Ad Tech category and its importance here.

Meet the Team: Welcome James!

In the third of Spirable’s ‘Meet the Team’ series we welcome James! In this series we find out from the team what makes them tick, what led them to Spirable and why it’s a brilliant place to work!

James joined our cutting-edge Tech Team this summer as a DevOps Engineer.

Where are you originally from?

I was originally born in the West Midlands before moving to Shropshire (Bridgnorth) for the majority of my childhood.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I attended school at Old Swinford Hospital in Stourbridge before moving to Aberystwyth to study Computer Science.

What led you to Spirable?

As I began my career search I was contacted by a technology recruiter who was looking to fill a role within Spirable. Drawn to the fast paced dynamics of a startup and the opportunity to really contribute to the innovative product we are making here at Spirable were the main reasons I chose to apply.

What do you like most about your job?

The opportunity to constantly innovate and learn within such a cohesive team is the aspect I most enjoy about working at Spirable.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve taken away from working here so far?

So far the ability to adapt has struck me as the most important asset needed within the startup world.

If you had to pick a mascot for Spirable what would it be?

The mascot I would choose for Spirable would have to be a chameleon, due to the fact they are able to adapt to their environment much like our product is able to adapt video content based on changing data sources.

What are your passions outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy travelling to new places and playing/watching rugby with friends.

What or who inspires you and why?

My parents are a big inspiration to me, both having spent the majority of their lives leading a company.



Meet the Team: Welcome Myrianthi!

In the second of Spirable’s ‘Meet the Team’ series we welcome Myrianthi! In this series we find out from the team what makes them tick, what led them to Spirable and why it’s a brilliant place to work!

Myrianthi joined the Tech Team this summer as a Front-End Developer.

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Greece.

Tell us a bit about your background.

My studies are related to Nutrition and Dietetics, but two years ago I decided to change my career path completely and focus on web technologies and development!

What led you to Spirable?

I recently moved to London to chase my dream of working as a Web Developer. I really wanted to work for a Startup as well as a challenging environment. When I came across to Spirable it was a perfect match.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project or learn something new.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve taken away from working here so far?

Although I’ve been an employee at Spirable for less than a month, I feel really confident that I’ll gain a lot of new skills and invaluable knowledge working here.

If you had to pick a mascot for Spirable what would it be?

For Spirable’s mascot, I would choose a colourful spinning top!

What are your passions outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy exploring London, shopping and going to the gym.

What or who inspires you and why?

For me, inspiration is whatever keeps you moving forward. It could be anything!



How to Make the Most of your Marketing Budget this Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us! Originally considered the kick-off to Christmas shopping in the US, the Black Friday phenomenon has spread across the globe and in 2017 was bigger than ever in the UK.

Let’s take a quick look at 2017 in numbers:

    • Consumers in the US spent $5 billion in the on Black Friday alone
    • Online sales were up 14.7% year-on-year reaching a staggering $108 billion
    • Mobile sales accounted for one third of online Christmas shopping, up 28% from the previous year

With Amazon dominating Black Friday in the world of ecommerce, brands must compete to provide a frictionless and highly engaging customer experience across digital and social platforms.

Drive Conversions on Social Media

Cutting through the noise on Social Media in particular can be tricky and as well as competing with each other for consumers’ attention they’re up against influencers, celebrities and even other social media users.

Personalisation and the use of Contextual Video is proven to be more engaging and likely to drive awareness to conversions. Spirable is enabling brands to generate personalised video at scale across all social platforms. Take a look at our Case Studies to find out how content that is relevant and in-the-moment is driving results for brands such as Hunter, Philips and Domino’s.

Another highly engaging video ad format is of course Facebook & Instagram Story Ads. Stories shouldn’t be ignored as a way of driving conversions and with Spirable you can retarget consumers based on their browsing behaviour with Dynamic Shoppable Instagram Stories at scale across the two platforms. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Event-Driven Contextual Videos

Consumers are demanding more and more from brands in a number of ways and when it comes to marketing and advertising they want personalised, useful, relevant content that is in-the-moment.

For Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or other events in the retail calendar using dynamic content that changes based on the time of the day, location (to physical stores), day-to-day countdowns, sales prices or even stock levels delivers just that. Event-driven videos create a sense of urgency and inspire action among your target audience. See how Spirable works for ecommerce on social.

Tackling Abandoned Baskets

It’s a common occurrence among consumers online. Abandonment rates soared to a whopping 74.5% in the US last year. Savvy shoppers add items to their online baskets but only purchase once they’re positive they’ve found the best deal. There are a few reasons why consumers abandon shopping baskets, and there are a few ways to keep them engaged.

Personalised chatbots are one way of keeping customers in the checkout process by responding to relevant questions, helping to build trust and establishing genuine engagement.

A well-timed personalised video sent via email can also tempt consumers back, in particular featuring tailored product recommendations or complimentary items. Automated, scalable CRM campaigns drive both loyalty, retention and conversions, through the right approach to leveraging valuable first party data.

Personalised Style Guides and Lookbooks

Around Black Friday or Christmas, brands should invest in existing customers and avoid neglecting them for short term gains. Black Friday Sales do not necessarily lead to long term relationships and in general, customers who purchase outside of major sales events are more consistent. Personalised video lookbooks are an engaging method for upselling and cross-selling to those customers whose data is already stored on a CRM system.

Spirable platform is working with brands on a global scale across fashion, retail, fmcg and travel to create hundreds or thousands of one-to-one personalised lookbooks for individuals based on purchase history or other customer data. For our clients, personalised style guides have resulted in an up to 3X increase in conversions.