New Year, New Trends: CES 2020

CES has now come to a close for another year, with brands having shown off a plethora of new inventions, and a range of speakers taking to the stage across CES venues to share insight into the latest trends and topics.

With the year just starting out, now is a great time to digest and unpack all that the event had to offer its 175,000+ attendees, and worldwide audience. Here are our key takeaways from the event:

If 2018 was the year of ‘disruption’, and 2019 was the year of the ‘experience’, then 2020 will be the year of ‘transformation’. Companies are starting to look at their brands carefully, and what they stand for, shaking off the old stereotypes that might surround them. This year a focus will be put on revitalising products and messaging for a new generation, who are more ethical and diverse than ever. Video will be a key driver of this as it has the ability to convey rich storytelling in a visually compelling manner.

Several prominent marketing heavyweights, including Sir Martin Sorrell, spoke about how their goal was to create higher quality, more relevant advertising, in a quicker and cheaper manner. As the demand for video content soars, more efficient and streamlined solutions are required to keep up with this. Technology that helps to achieve this will be critical for success in 2020.

5G was without a doubt the most mentioned buzzword at CES. The emerging technology is set to revolutionise every facet of technology, improving connectivity, speed and reliability in ways previously not imaginable. At CES companies from across the globe flocked to Las Vegas to showcase their new solutions which hope to leverage 5G to empower everything from IoT connected kitchen appliances, to driving autonomous vehicle experiences. Video advertising will also benefit from 5G by providing a smoother experience for viewers - especially on mobile - opening up new opportunities for innovation.

Some would say that with the introduction of GDPR in Europe last year, that trust between companies and consumers was on its way to being repaired. But it’s clear that there is still more work to be done in this area.

Many speakers at CES professed that using customer data is much like an open relationship; it requires trust. Smart data will now be at the forefront allowing marketers to develop more relevant and engaging advertising without having to compromise on the trust they are building with their customers.


Spirable can help you deliver smart video advertising that is more relevant, engaging and increases ROI, get in touch or view our case studies to get started. 

Black Friday Gets Personal

Capturing the attention of today’s consumer isn’t easy, but capturing the attention of today’s consumer on Black Friday is near impossible. Competition is rife as brands vie for attention across multiple channels, devices and technology—hoping to secure a portion of the whopping $12 billion in online spend that is predicted over the 24 hour period.

So how do you make sure your advertising stands out in this hyper-competitive landscape? The answer is personalisation. To get noticed, your content needs to be tailored to the individual. When content is relevant it gets noticed because it connects on a deeper level with an individual's likes, preferences, needs and set of circumstances, resulting in more engagement and action.

Personalisation + Video

The most effective medium to deliver personalised content is through video. Video allows you to tell a much more rich and engaging story, unmatched by any other medium. Together personalisation + video create the perfect synergy of relevant storytelling, delivered through the most engaging format. But executing this at scale can be challenging, as both personalisation and video can be time consuming and resource heavy.

Pandora is a Shining Example

To overcome this challenge, brands are turning to technology to help them easily create and scale personalised video across multiple channels. Pandora, one of the most recognised brands in the world, is using Spirable to create thousands of highly relevant video ads across Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Using numerous data triggers such as countdown data, location data and audience data, Pandora is able to dynamically change their video creative in real-time - creating individualised ads at mass scale, resulting in huge increases in efficiency and performance. In a 2018 campaign (see case study), Pandora was able to create 7,623 video ads in only 5 hours vs what would be 670 hours* if the personalised ads were created manually. This resulted in a 99% workflow efficiency.

Pandora are running exciting new dynamic video campaigns over the 2019 Black Friday and Christmas period. Watch this space for more on the success of these latest campaigns.

With consumers spending an increasing amount of time online scrolling through content, the fight for eye-balls is constantly increasing. Black Friday gets bigger every year with an estimated 26% of people planning to make a purchase this Black Friday, up from 21% in 2018 and 19% in 2017. Personalised advertising is becoming a fundamental requirement to capture the attention of your audiences, make sure it’s part of your 2020 strategy.

To learn more about the results we’ve helped brands achieve, and how Spirable can help you boost sales and increase your ROI, get in touch or view our case studies

*Based on 3 minutes to create an ad set, and 5 minutes to create an ad from scratch.

Event: CES 2020

Spirable will be at CES 2020 in Las Vegas!

Join our team on stand CS-17, which is situated in Tech South, ARIA - East Level 2.

We will be on hand to answer all your burning questions, present our next generation platform, and discuss the possibilities for your brand across the 7th - 9th January 2020.

If you would like to book a specific time-slot to speak with a member of our team, you can do this by submitting your details using the form below.

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Event: Facebook iD8

Spirable will be speaking during the panel at Facebook iD8 event in Berlin on the 22nd October 2019.

  • Lauren Stephens - CMO, Spirable

Event Details:

Event: Match to Create

Spirable presented at the Facebook Match to Create events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York across the 7th, 9th and 15th of October respectively.

  • Lauren Stephens - CMO, Spirable

  • Dave O'Meara - COO & Co-Founder, Spirable
Event Details:

Webinar: How to Conquer Creative with Personalised Video at Scale

Attracting the attention of today’s consumer is no mean feat. The average phone user scrolls the height of Mount Everest every day, making it extremely competitive for brands to create content that stands out. Personalised video has been proven to conquer this challenge, allowing brands to create highly relevant and meaningful content that resonates and drives action along the entire funnel, from awareness to conversion and loyalty.

During this webinar you will hear Spirable, Facebook and Pandora reveal how you can easily create, scale and optimise video creative that reaches peak performance and drive efficiencies for your brand.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why personalised video is the future of advertising
  • How to create the most effective video creative across the most impactful placements
  • How to dynamically create thousands of video ads from one video template using data
  • How Pandora used location and live data to scale dynamic video and drive efficiencies

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Event: DMEXCO 2019

Spirable will be attending The Digital Marketing Expo and Conference (DMEXCO) 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

You will be able to find us at our stand C-030 in the Future Park across both the 11th & 12th of September, where we will be ready to answer all of your questions and discuss the possibilities for your brand.

If you would like to book a specific time-slot to speak with a member of our team, you can do this by submitting your details via the form below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Right Message, Right Person, Right Time: Every Time

The future of personalisation is here, and it’s good news for brands and consumers

Almost every industry is taking steps to digitalise, and those that haven’t yet continue to be disrupted by innovative technology companies.

The future is undoubtedly online, with half of UK retail sales predicted to be online within 10 years according to a report in the Guardian. Online events like this week's Amazon Prime Day, is a good lesson of how now, more than ever, each interaction with your audience needs to be refined to stand out. The ongoing battle for consumers’ attention is an evolving landscape, where personalised engagement is key in building customer loyalty and assuring repeat purchases.

The prime example of this - excuse the pun - can be seen in the $1.5 billion of sales generated by Amazon’s 48-hour bonanza last year. With Prime customers typically spending on average between 2 and 3 times more than non-Prime customers - the result of a loyal customer base receiving a combination of highly personalised recommendations, value for money, and exclusivity of offers.

Creating a deep loyalty which evokes an almost ‘emotional’ connection between your brand and customers is a priority in keeping top-of-mind. When executed successfully, it can incite an irresistible sense of urgency when faced with offers and marketing that meets all their needs, as seen with Prime Day. So how can companies offer their customers a better experience?

Adding context

Good personalisation amplifies marketing. It should ideally aim to inform, excite and intrigue, but most importantly of all, it should go to the lengths of offering an individual a bespoke experience and interactions, based on a number of data-driven and contextual factors. These could range from weather or time of day, to purchase history and website activity.

Historically it's been difficult to deliver advertising that appears to be uniquely relevant and personal at such large volumes. More often than not, it's evident that its been automated. The gold standard is using the right kind of data, to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Ensuring communications are as tailored to the individual as can be.

Using technology such as Spirable, brands have the ability to integrate all kinds of data into video creative in order to generate contextually-relevant dynamic content at scale, resulting in communications that adapt according to a customers unique preferences, likes, location, and what’s going on around them like the current weather or pollen count. 

It’s good news on both sides

All of this is good news for consumers, as we are receiving ads based on our preferences, rather than irrelevant mass marketing. The data these ads are based on can be gathered through responsible marketing, it doesn’t have to be scary, daunting or sneaky. 

Engage with your audience and make the exchange of value to them. A great example is PlayStation who utilised CRM data to create a year-in-review video, which brought to life a players’ greatest gaming moments in exchange for a GDPR opt-in.

For brands it’s also good news as they can continue to learn about their customers’ wants and needs to better serve them with products and services that they actually want. It also opens up the opportunity to convey relevant and engaging content as an avenue to grow their following across all channels. 

Additionally it develops streamlined customer journeys for heightened brand experiences. Personalisation at scale accelerates business growth, drives down costs, has a greater ROI when compared with non-targeted marketing. 

To learn more about the results we’ve helped brands achieve, and how Spirable can help you boost sales and increase your ROI, get in touch or view our case studies

Charities: Say More with Data-Driven Video

Adopting new technologies is no small feat. Let’s be realistic: as a charity marketer you have grand ambitions, but integrating these innovative new platforms and tools into your digital strategy can be problematic with often limited resources.

It has become evident that the charity sector can’t fall behind in terms of digital transformation, as companies vye for consumers attention at an ever-growing scale. At Cannes Lions 2019 (an annual creative marketing communications festival), Raja Rajamannar, CMO at Mastercard spoke about how we are “bombarded with over 5,000 markeing messages a day”, which just shows what charities are contending with, and how it’s becoming harder to reach donors.

Forget Me Not

A recent report indicated that nearly half (46%) of donors have forgotten who the last charity they supported was. A concerning figure considering charities depend on brand recognition and loyalty to ensure they can continue to run services and carry out research, with this all taking place on a backdrop of dwindling funding and access to grants.

This occurrence could be a result of a slow response to the development of a digital strategy. According to a research conducted by Skills Platform 52% of charities don’t have a digital strategy in place

An Appetite for Data

With an increasing number of emerging technologies revolutionising the way we work, and a growing number of channels at our disposal for communicating through, there are plenty of avenues for telling your story across channel but it does come with a problem: making the most of your data in a privacy centered way.

GDPR shook up the business world - especially in Europe - with companies across almost every sector questioning how they would move forward and ensure they complied with the new regulations.

It’s made many marketers rethink the way they collect data and market to their audience, especially that it has to be meaningful, and additionally have value. 

59% of charities surveyed by Skills Platform responded that they are actively trying to use data more effectively, which is key to creating the most relevant and inspiring content.

Include <<Personalisation>>

As discussed,  many charities have begun integrating data into their marketing. One of the most effective ways of implementing this is through the use of personalised data in email, using fields such as first name, city, donation amount (to name a few) into email. This basic level of personalisation has now become commonplace, so how do you take this a step further? 

Inspire with Video 

The first step is to use the most engaging form of content: video. 

Video allows brands to tell a much more rich and engaging story, more powerful than any image or copy alone, and so it comes as no surprise that video traffic is predicted to account for 82% of all IP traffic by 2022. 

This all adds up to video being essential for any charity that needs to connect deeply with their donors who have an emotional connection to their cause, and creating content that donors want to immerse themselves in. Video layered with personalised data takes this to the next level, creating highly meaningful and relevant experiences that builds brand recognition and helps drive more donations. 

But what if you don’t have much personalised data stored to accomplish this?

Enter Contextual Data

To be personalised doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be personal information. 

Real-time contextual data such as the weather, time of day, day-of-week, countdowns to upcoming charity events or a live updates on the amount raised so far can all be utilised to give communications context based on what’s going on around a specific person, resulting in highly relevant, timely and more personalised experiences for the viewer. This may seem daunting but this can all be automated using technology.  

Where Do I Start? 

One of the most successful ways we’ve seen data-driven personalised video work in the charity sector is to use data to show  supporters the impact they have had on your organisation, and the cause you all support. 

Spirable worked with the British Heart Foundation on personalised ‘Thank You’ videos for their supporters. The personalised videos helped the organisation engage with their audience in both a time and cost efficient manner. The results speak for themselves with 42% of supporters watching the entire video, and with over 10,000 videos being generated - this is something that would have been incredibly difficult to do without Spirable’s ability to scale.

Future Ready

Through embracing both personal and contextual data in creative ways across your digital channels  you can not only increase your brand recognition and increase donations but also automate content creation to build your digital strategy  - ultimately helping cut through the noise and be one of the most important and compelling messages a consumer hears that day. 

Begin Today

Making the transition into creating video content yourself can be a challenging prospect, but the Spirable platform allows you to create and distribute video at scale, resulting in not only time efficiencies but also cost savings, and greater control over your creative.

Register your interest here, and we will be in touch to discuss your bespoke needs.

Cannes Lions 2019: Silver Lion Win & Festival Round-up

Spirable was on the ground at Cannes Lions 2019, and are proud to announce that our client Deutsche Bahn’s “No Need To Fly” campaign won a Silver Lion.

Spirable’s innovative platform was used to automate video creative using dynamic flight pricing and comparing beautiful destinations abroad with similarly beautiful places in Germany with the message “why fly when you can spend only 19 euros for the same experience in Germany using Deutsche Bahn”.

Advertising and media professionals from around the globe descended on Cannes last week for Cannes Lions. The annual festival and awards ceremony celebrates the best campaigns of the past year, and looks forward at emerging trends and technologies.

The event offers attendees the opportunity to collectively reflect on important issues and themes which may be food-for-thought when thinking about their future projects. It also allows for a chance to mingle with clients, partners and agencies to discuss new opportunities.

Read on for the highlights from this year’s event that stood out for us.

Immersive Experiences

Experiences and activations were front and center this year, with installations by the ‘usual’ suspects including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and Snap. Of particular note was the developing appearance of augmented reality (AR).

It has since moved from being a gimmick to a reliable tool for campaigns, adding interactivity for truly engaging experiences. Burger King were a prime example of how to integrate AR, with their campaign “Burn That Ad” using AR as a key element and driving customers both to install their app for a free Whopper burger coupon, and sending them to their nearest store to redeem it.

Equality and Diversity

Another highlight of this year’s event was courtesy of The Female Company, a German startup that sells organic tampons. Unsatisfied with the rather ludicrous level of tax applied to female sanitary products they came up with a rather ingenious idea to sell them as a book, which has a much lower level of tax applied to it: at just 7% compared to the 19% it normally would have added on.

Unilever (Dove) and Getty Images were also recognised for their joint project “#ShowUs”. The main onus of the campaign was to disrupt the current stereotypes surrounding stock imagery and create a new library of 5,000 images. These images reflect a diverse spectrum of women, grounding the media selection in reality, and not how we think women should appear.


If you look at the biggest winners of this year's coveted awards, you’ll find that accessibility was a key theme, and rightly so. Both Microsoft and IKEA swiped awards for magnificent purpose-driven campaigns.

Microsoft developed an adaptive Xbox controller for more accessible gaming, which snapped up a gold lion award in the Brand Experience and Activation category.

IKEA also won big with “ThisAbles”, an initiative featuring modular adaptations which could be added to everyday household items to make them more user-friendly, and additionally can be 3D printed.

The Environment

It’s probably the most divisive and pressing issue facing the world right now. How do we as individuals - and also the organisations we work for - combat climate change, and become more environmentally friendly.

We all have a collective responsibility to do our part, no matter how small it is, and many companies are now waking up to this fact, and putting the goal of being more green front-and-centre as more and more consumers demand brands to be more thoughtful of the waste they produce.

The message at Cannes continued to build on this sentiment, albeit with an unscheduled visit by the Extinction Rebellion movement to ensure that business leaders don’t forget it.

About Spirable

Inspired by the campaigns at Cannes Lions this year? Are you looking to create award-winning dynamic video content for your next campaign?

The Spirable platform is an efficient way to reach vast audiences with relevant and personalised content. Spirable helps to bring the campaign production in-house, keeping the marketing budget under control.

Contact us to explore how you can create personalised content for your customers with Spirable!