MobileWorks Event Series

MobileWorks Event Series

We have partnered with Facebook Creative Shop to host a video creation workshop series in the following cities:

  • Warsaw
  • London
  • Milan
  • Madrid
  • Stockholm
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris

In this 4-hour afternoon event marketers will:

  • Learn more about our Creative Best Practices
  • Start implementing these best practices using Spirable's video platform, SpirableGo
  • Leave the workshop with  the video  you've built right there and then, along with the skills to continue building your own video creatives.

Who should attend from my business?

FUTR Europe Summit

Join us at FUTR Summit

The Spirable team will be at the FUTR Summit in London on April 24th and 25th. You can hear from over 200 inspiring, cross-industry speakers from Mars, Samsung and our very own CEO, Ger O'Meara, who will be presenting 'The Future of Video: Harness the power of automation and AI to deliver hyper-personalised experiences at scale.' Come and see him speak at 3pm on 25th at the Innovation track.

If you'll be there, we'd love to meet-up with you to talk about how personalised video can help your brand or agency increase performance and reduce media wastage.

Please schedule time here or contact to organise a meeting. Alternatively come visit us booth S07.

See you there!



Navigating Commerce Disruption

E-Future: Navigating the Commerce Disruption

Spirable is excited to be part of the Facebook Global Executive panel discussion on E-Future: Navigating the Commerce Disruption. We will be joined by some incredible brands such as Unilever, Zalando and Mindshare.


  • 4:30PM – 4:50PM A Commerce Manifesto By Kai Herzberger, Group Director, e-Commerce, Government & Politics, Finance & Travel – DACH + EMEA, Facebook
  • 4:50PM – 5:45PM E-Future: Navigating the Commerce Disruption Panel discussion and Q&A featuring:
    • Dominik Rief, VP Personalized Marketing, Zalando
    • Helen McRae, CEO UK & Chair Western Europe, Mindshare
    • Keith Higgins, Global SVP e-Commerce, Unilever
    • Lauren Stephens, VP Growth Marketing, Spirable
    • Moderated by Leigh Thomas, Director of Global Partnerships, Facebook
  • 5:45PM – 6:15PM Cocktails, Networking and Panelist Interviews
  • 6:45PM – 8:45PM Roundtable: Dinner & Discourse

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss any of the learnings from the session and we'll arrange a call.

Our Learnings from SXSW: Modern Customer Engagement Relies On Personalised Experiences

Today’s consumers are tech savvy and well-connected via multiple platforms. As a result, they have high expectations. No longer is it enough to remember loyal customer’s Birthdays. To connect with customers long term brands need to be able to create personalised experiences throughout the customer lifecycle, where the marketing message is always relevant. Dave, our co-founder, attended South by Southwest festival (SXSW) last weekend. He joined a panel with leading investors and entrepreneurs to discuss the big marketing trends - Automation and Personalisation - and how with the help of AI technology we can now create highly relevant and personalised experiences at scale. The panel also shared the latest innovative solutions startups have built for personalised marketing.

SXSW is a creative film, interactive media, and music festival and conference organized annually in Austin, Texas. The event gathers influential artists and business leaders around the world to share the latest trends shaping the world.

Personalisation as a ‘Must-Have’ in the Marketing Toolkit

All the experts in the panel agreed that customers are demanding more tailored and personalised experiences, and acknowledged that personalisation is no longer a shiny new thing that brands must try out. Instead it has become a ‘must-have’ in the marketing strategy. Recently, several surveys have revealed similar findings. Salesforce found that over half of the consumers will share personal data in exchange for relevant product recommendations and personalised shopping experiences. Similarly, Accenture concluded two-thirds of consumers to be more likely to make a purchase from a retailer that sends them relevant, personalised promotions. Personalisation makes everyone’s life a bit easier. Consumers can avoid the always-so-painful paradox of choice: 40% of consumers have left a website simply because they were overwhelmed by the amount of options. At the same time, personalisation enables brands to acquire and retain customers at lower cost.

The panel also discussed the importance for brands to build up their CRM data to enable personalisation on a 1-to-1 level. This can be seen as a ‘next-level’, or ‘hyper-personalisation’, by creating highly relevant, individually tailored communication. With this sophisticated marketing approach brands can show consumers that they truly want to best cater to their individual needs. Several brands, such British Airways and, are already using the Spirable platform to leverage their CRM data and brand creative assets to delight their loyal customers with personalised offers. For instance, furniture retailer managed to triple its online conversions by curating beautiful, individually tailored style guide video ads.

Engaging with Dynamically and Uniquely Created Experiences

The main theme discussed was that personalisation and useful AI is dependent on having the right data. The good news is that Facebook, Twitter and other social channels allow brands to target audiences by using their data and to overlay other sources of data. Still, many companies overlook the benefits of personalised marketing and purely rely on creating generic global campaigns.

Especially personalised videos are a highly powerful way to engage with consumers: relevant video ads get three times the attention of an average video ad. Dave shared how our AI-powered Spirable platform makes it possible to target individuals with relevant video ad content at scale. Spirable connects and unlimited amount of data feeds including CRM data, social audience data, location data and live contextual data into video templates-  chanding the creative dynamically as the data changes in real-time. The platform thendelivers these videos across channels. Major brands across industries, such as PlayStation, FarFetch and Domino’s have chosen Spirable platform to automate their personalised video ad campaigns. Our clients have achieved impressive results. Personalised ads have helped them to increase conversions, built loyalty and lower costs of acquisition.

To learn more about how Spirable can help you connect with your consumers on a personal level, contact us for a demo.

The members of the panel:

Dave O’Meara, Co-founder of Spirable; Sarah Fay, Managing Director at Glasswing Ventures; Don Douglas, Senior Managing Director at Geekdom Fund; Sean Finnegan, Co-founder & Partner of Chameleon Collective; Allie Feinstein, Sr. Director of Innovation at VentureFuel (moderator).


Thrive to Success with Personalised Video Ads in the Subscription Market

Subscription services have existed for a long time. Yet, the more modern form of subscription business, an extension of e-commerce, is a relatively new phenomenon, which can be partly explained by consumers changing buying behaviours and preferences. There is a growing interest towards new ways to access products and services, with streaming media a great example of success with the likes of Netflix and Spotify that have been popular for some time. Consumers are also turning to subscription boxes containing all kinds of consumer goods to make their everyday life easier. The most common subscription boxes are filled with product replenishments, such as those from Amazon Subscribe or Dollar Shave Club, or curation type of items, like the latest fashion and beauty products from Stitch Fix or Birchbox.

Young, Affluent Urbanities Leading the Growth of Subscription Lifestyle

According to a survey by McKinsey of more than 5,000 US consumers, the subscription e-commerce industry has more than doubled each year over the past few years. The industry has become very diverse. New startups are constantly popping up providing pretty much anything: apparel, beauty products, meal kits, pet food, vitamins, and the list goes on. Similarly, all major retailers and brands, such as P&G and Sephora, have created their own subscription boxes. Furthermore, the survey found e-commerce subscribers tend to be young - between 25 and 44 years old - and affluent urbanities who are looking for convenience and efficiency to save precious time and money in the midst of a busy life. Women are more likely than men to sign up for subscriptions but men are more likely to have three or more active subscriptions, indicating men to be more keen to automate their shopping, especially when it comes to replenishments like shaving products. The most important reasons to continue the subscription are tangible benefits, such as lower costs, convenience or personalised experiences.

Acquire and Retain Discerning Subscribers with Personalised Experiences

To acquire subscription customers you need to know your audience, what are their likes, dislikes, preferences, and use this to surprise and delight them. Personalised experiences are the key to acquiring and retaining customers, so marketers must talk to each customer on an individual level but be able to do this at scale. Marketers are turning to creative automation platforms like Spirable to help achieve this.

Consumers have high expectations for subscription boxes and they are quick to cancel services if they don’t deliver superior and personalised experience. The churn rate - the proportion of subscribers who leave a supplier - is high: nearly 40% of online subscribers cancel their subscription, creating a lot of uncertainty for businesses. To overcome this, subscription businesses are building stronger relationships with their customers through personalised video at key points along the customer journey. From personalised welcome videos that use 1st party data such as name, product preference and city (to name a few), to in-the-moment personalised social advertising; these touch points provide useful and compelling content that encourages loyalty.

Competition is fierce so marketing needs to be as effective as possible - generating the highest conversions at the lowest cost. Video advertising plays a big part here, with engagement rates at least 5X that of static images. Personalisation takes this to a whole new level, maximising ROI through it’s hyper-relevant and engaging nature.

Spirable’s AI-powered creative platform helps subscription organisations to leverage their existing creative assets in a cost effective way by automatically generating thousands of videos in minutes through simple creative templates, dynamically linked to key data feeds. Videos are optimised in-flight to tell the most engaging story at the right time to keep up with today’s discerning subscription consumer.

Contact us to find more about our powerful Spirable video platform and how it can help you to create highly engaging, personalised video marketing campaigns!

Betting on Football

Spirable will be attending Betting on Football 2019 - the only trade conference that brings together decision makers from international operators to address the recent issues and opportunities in the sports betting industry.

If you're attending we'd love to meet with you.  Please email to arrange a time.

Date: 19th-21st March
Location: Stamford Bridge, Fulham, London

Succeeding with Hyper-Localised and Relevant Marketing Videos

Consumers today expect highly personalised and relevant communication from brands: 57% of consumers are happy to share data in exchange for personalised offers. Accenture is forecasting next-generation personalisation, or hyper-relevance, to become a major trend in the near future. This is when personalisation is dynamic, always available and reacts real-time to a customer’s ever-changing circumstances. By creating highly personalised messaging, companies can signal that they are interested in serving consumers’ best interest, which can help to build trust and long-term relationships - given privacy policies are respected.

Today we are more interconnected than ever before - thanks to technological innovations, social media, global trade and travel. Yet, there is lots of diversity among countries, climate and culture to name a few. Even within a single country there are typically regional differences influencing individuals’ lifestyle preferences and behavior as a consumer. This is  something brands should take into account when targeting vast audiences.

From Global Strategies to Connecting with Local Consumers

Global brands are facing a real challenge: how to run huge global businesses that are also localised. Innovative big names like Lululemon, Nike and Uniqlo have already noticed that simply translating global content for local subsidiaries doesn’t work. For them it’s about finding the balance between economies of scale and being able to connect with local communities. First of all, brand experience needs to remain consistent, but at the same time offering needs to be relevant and resonate with targeted audience segments. Gone are the days when mass production was the key to success, especially when targeting younger generations. For them, expressing individual truth is fundamental. Moreover, they are looking for personalised, unique experiences. They want to be heard and treated as individuals instead of a faceless mass.

There are many ways how brands can better connect with local communities. Some brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty do this partly in a traditional way by offering sweat sessions at local stores for brand lovers. To take a step further, brands like Nike are creating intelligent apps where you can find highly tailored content and your local communities to train with. Highly localised services are not only a great opportunity to promote your brand and sell on impulse, but also an opportunity to gather valuable feedback and data about your customers. The most powerful platforms today are social networks Ads on social channels can hugely influence the purchasing decisions of consumers when the content is relevant and in-the-moment. For instance, a fashion retailer could alert local customers passing their stores about new arrivals and in-the-moment stock levels with a personalised, Dynamic Instagram Stories ad using mobile geo-targeting

The Many Benefits of Automated Marketing

An intelligent way to connect at a local or even at an individual level is to create relevant, localised marketing campaigns at scale with cutting-edge automaated technology. According to statistics collected by Hubspot, 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for three or more years, and 80% of marketers using automation software generate more leads. Read more on Automation in our blog post. However, many companies still struggle with automation and personalisation. This is where the right creative ad tech partner is highly valuable by helping to release company resources and speed the output process.

The AI-powered and fully automated Spirable platform is used by major global brands to generate highly personalised, data-driven video marketing campaigns with a single video template. The platform is capable of generating hundreds of thousands of personalised videos for different audiences in different locations, without adding extra work for local marketing offices. With Spirable, brands can create hyper-localised and relevant video creative at scale. As well as location, brands can use other data to personalise their creative such as, 1st party CRM data, live data feeds such as the weather or current stock levels and other audience based targeting data from social networks. The videos are dynamically updated using the data and thus, the content is always fresh and timely. Dynamic videos can be delivered across social media, display and CRM systems.

How Captain Morgan, Domino’s and Guinness are Using Localised Video to Increase Engagement and Conversions

Our Cannes Lion nominated campaign with Captain Morgan helped the company to increase brand engagement. The Spirable platform was used to create over 50 geo-targeted ads sets with a drink offer for over 50 towns and cities in the UK. Using dynamic posts on Facebook, we targeted content to an individual user’s location in an engaging post from The Captain. When users clicked through, it directed them to a Chatbot where they were engaged in a conversation with The Captain, resulting in a coupon for a free Captain Morgan & Cola. Once the user redeemed their free drink, the Chatbot sent a personalised video with name & bar via Spirable. Check out the video case study here.

Similarly, we worked with Guinness to bring people together at local pubs to watch rugby matches while enjoying Guinness. 1,200 bars in the UK and Ireland were targeted with unique, localised Facebook video ads. The videos were automatically updated based on time of day and sporting fixtures. Overall 18,000 dynamic video ads were generated for 779 individual audiences reaching 1.65 million people with 2.5 million impressions. Watch the Guinness case study video here.

We’d love to talk to you to help you increase engagement and conversions with localised video. Contact us today

Digiday: Diageo’s innovation boss on the dilemma of dynamic creative

The more Diageo’s marketers work with martech startups, the more they realize media targeting has improved while creative has barely evolved.

Swapping a glass of Baileys for a pint of Guinness in a Diageo banner is effective and the first step in personalizing the company’s creative, including text, sound, imagery and storytelling, said Benni Lickfett, Diageo’s head of technology and innovation. As more of Diageo’s ads are dynamically assembled, the advertiser is looking beyond graphical elements to thousands of different iterations of ad copy and click-through actions triggered by location, time of day or weather.

Just don’t call it the rise of programmatic creative. Even as personalized programmatic ads appear closer than ever, Lickfett still thinks its early days. Diageo has been quietly running tests with Spirable, a company that produces contextual video campaigns, using Spirable’s proprietary technology to dissect videos into individual frames that can then be changed based on geography, gender, weather and customer data from Diageo.

Read the full article on Digiday

Spirable at SXSW

Come and see our co-founder Dave O'Meara and other industry leaders on the AI & Personalization at Scale panel at SXSW.

Date: Saturday, March 9th
Time: Please arrive by 9:45am; panel will be 10:15-10:30am
Location: ChiveHQ - 98 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701

Automation and Personalization have been longtime buzzwords in the world of marketing but advancements in Artificial Intelligence are now making it possible to create hyper-relevant, personal experiences, at scale. Leading investors and entrepreneurs discuss the potential of this tech to transform how brands connect with consumers:

Please reach out to us if you're going to be there. We'd love to meet up!