Spirable Announces Snap Inc. Partnership to Drive Relevance at Scale Across-Channel 

Spirable Announces Snap Inc. Partnership to Drive Relevance at Scale Across-Channel 

Marketers now able to automate personalised video ads across Snapchat 

London (June 25, 2020) – Spirable (www.spirable.com), the leader in dynamic data-driven video advertising, is proud to announce a partnership with Snap Inc., that will allow brands to dynamically deliver video personalisation at scale across Snapchat, achieving optimal advertising performance across-channel, in the most cost effective way.

The partnership emphasises the importance of relevant advertising, as consumers are increasingly tuning out generic ads in favour of content that is tailored to them. The ability to serve the most relevant and effective advertising is critical to Snapchat’s expanding ad business. The company doubled the amount of money committed via upfronts from advertisers in 2020 vs. 2019* thanks to a growing global audience, with more than 4 billion Snaps created each day in Q1 2020, on average*.

“Our partnership with Spirable highlights an important step for us in helping our advertisers deliver relevant, video-first content, in an automated and scalable way. The Snapchat platform together with Spirable offers advertisers a highly effective way to target our unique audience with creative that is tailored to them, resulting in increased performance and ROI.” comments  Kent Moy, Product Partnerships at Snap Inc.

Spirable empowers brands to easily create and optimise video ads using modular assets and on-brand templates. These templates are 100% customisable and using live and contextual data, they can be tailored to the individual dynamically, and distributed in real-time across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, Email, Display and now Snapchat.

Spirable co-founder and CEO Ger O’Meara comments that “Our vision is a future where video ads don’t look like ads, they look like your friends' content because they are useful, in-the-moment, informative and tailored to you. Our partnership with Snapchat is paramount to achieving this through our combined ability to support video storytelling at scale.”

Spirable works with some of the world's leading brands including Vodafone, Diageo, Pandora, and PlayStation to deliver some of the world most relevant advertising at mass scale. Adding Snapchat to the multi-channel offering is a significant opportunity for brands to reach new audiences across one of the fastest growing major social networks.


*Snap First Quarter Financial Results 2020 - link


About Spirable
Spirable is a video automation platform that empowers brands and agencies to create, scale and optimise highly relevant and personalised video content across social, CRM, messenger and display channels. Spirable’s pioneering self-serve technology connects hundreds of unique data integrations with on-brand templates to create thousands of uniquely tailored videos that resonate deeply and drive action from awareness to conversion and loyalty. Resulting in increased ROI and decreased cost and resources. Spirable works with some of the world’s leading brands across 50 countries and is a Facebook Marketing Partner. Please visit Spirable.com for more information. 

Media Contact: Lauren Stephens: Lauren@Spirable.com 

About Snap Inc.
Snap Inc. is a camera company.

We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.

We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world and have fun together.

Spirable Raises £6M Series A Investment To Fuel Growth in Personalised Video Advertising

Spirable Raises £6M Series A Investment To Fuel Growth in Personalised Video Advertising

Investment fuels pioneering technology that proves the days of wasteful mass marketing are over

Spirable Closes Series A Investment Round

London (Sept 5, 2019) – Spirable (www.spirable.com), the next generation of personalised video marketing automation, today announced it has closed a £6M Series A investment round led by Smedvig Capital. Existing backers Frontline Ventures, Downing Ventures, and 24 Haymarket also followed-on. 

The new funding will accelerate Spirable’s geographical expansion and product development, to meet the growing demand for more efficient and automated personalised video creation at scale. Spirable is poised to revolutionise marketing away from a mass approach and towards highly targeted and relevant video content

Since launch, Spirable has created and distributed over 100m personalised videos, in over 50 countries, for some of the world’s largest brands including Johnson & Johnson, Domino’s and Vodafone. The platform automatically creates and optimises uniquely tailored video ads across social, CRM, messenger and display channels, using data such as location, pricing and weather to dynamically change the content people see, in real-time. This saves brands and agencies a significant amount of time and resources. By delivering more contextually relevant content that resonates and drives action throughout the customer journey, the platform significantly increases marketing performance and ROI.

Vodafone used the Spirable platform to execute an award-winning campaign, that saw sales of their own-brand devices increase by 100% and drove up to a 50% increase in ad performance. Spirable enabled Vodafone’s team to dynamically create thousands of personalised videos, using data such as weather and location to drive people to their local store or online. The platform is now used to increase efficiency and drive performance across 5 markets.

Vodafone Global Brand & Media Director, Sara Martins de Oliveira, comments that: “The Spirable platform has transformed how we create video content. Automating a previously manual process and allowing us to scale in a way that was once impossible. The data-driven personalisation element means we are now connecting with our audience in more meaningful ways, resulting in better performing campaigns and an uplift in sales.”

Co-founder & CEO Ger O’Meara comments that: “Our vision is a future where a brands videos are actually useful to people. Where the ads that you see are as relevant and authentic as your friends’ content. We’ve built the Spirable platform from the ground-up to achieve this by bringing creative, data and smart technology together.”

Principal at Smedvig Capital, Joe Knowles, commented: “Spirable is a critical enabler of personalised video advertising, one of the major trends in video advertising today. Every marketer wants to use video in a more personalised way. But so far, slow and expensive content creation has been a barrier to mass adoption. Spirable’s Software as a Service removes this barrier and makes real time, automated video personalisation at scale a reality. Having tracked the business for over a year, we are excited to work with Ger, Dave and the high-quality team they are building at Spirable.” 

Spirable started its journey operating out of the Innovation Hub of one of its first institutional investors - retail and consumer sector specialist, True. Since then Spirable has continued on its trajectory to become the gold standard in dynamic video and has been a Facebook Marketing Partner for over 2 years. This Series A funding will enable Spirable to accelerate the global footprint of its customer services and sales organisations, to meet the needs of the world's global brands.  


About Spirable
Spirable is a video automation platform that empowers brands and agencies to create, scale and optimise highly relevant and personalised video content across social, CRM, messenger and display channels. Spirable’s pioneering self-serve technology connects hundreds of unique data integrations with on-brand templates to create thousands of uniquely tailored videos that resonate deeply and drive action from awareness to conversion and loyalty. Resulting in increased ROI and decreased cost and resources. Spirable works with some of the world’s leading brands across 50 countries and is a Facebook Marketing Partner. Please visit Spirable.com for more information. 

Media Contact: Lauren Stephens: Lauren@Spirable.com 

About Smedvig
Since 1996 Smedvig Capital has partnered with and helped scale over 70 companies. Leading Series A/B rounds, we are passionate about finding and investing in the best tech-enabled businesses across the UK and Nordics. We work closely with a small number of high-quality teams. We build strong relationships with our founders and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves when needed, supporting them through the inevitable ups and downs of growing a business. We’re a flexible source of capital with a long-term view, often backing companies over multiple rounds all the way to exit. We understand that great things take time.

Transform the Travel Journey with Personalised Video

Capturing and retaining the attention of today’s connected traveler has never been more challenging. Digital innovation has transformed the way people research and book travel, empowering them along a complex, cross-channel journey. As a marketer, it’s difficult to keep-up with consumers who are now able to book travel anywhere and anytime.

In Inspire. Engage. Convert. Transform the Travel Journey with Personalised Video we uncover how travel marketers can efficiently optimise each moment of the travel journey using data-driven personalised video. This powerful duo allows marketers to tell the most rich and inspiring story possible, uniquely tailored to each audience at scale. The result? Better performance across channel, from awareness to conversion and loyalty.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How personalisation + video can have a big impact on campaign performance
  • How to save time and resources by automating the creation and distribution of personalised video across channel. 
  • How to use CRM and live contextual data to create truly unique and relevant ads that drive action.
  • Examples of how other leading travel brands have optimised each moment of the travel journey using personalised video.

Download the guide

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High-flying: Personalised Ads Revolutionising the Travel Industry

To gain an edge over your competitors in the fierce digital travel industry, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest innovations and adapt business and marketing plans accordingly. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing and significant industries in the world. The industry grew 3.9% in 2018, and it accounts for around 10% of global GDP. In 2017 passenger traffic at the world's 20 busiest airports grew by 5.2% with almost 1.5 billion passengers passing through.

The industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. Today we use - and take for granted - innovations that didn’t even exist over 10 years ago. We routinely find inspiration for our next big adventure on Instagram and benefit from the convenience of booking via apps. Along with digital transformation our preferences have also evolved, creating a space ripe for market segments to be disrupted by innovation, with private accommodation and ride-hailing services having surged in popularity.

Savvy Consumers and Cutting Edge Tech Solutions

Despite the significant growth and impact, the travel and tourism industry is not left without challenges. The market is full of options, and price-conscious consumers are taking full advantage of the situation: the online booking abandonment rate is as high as 81%.

This is no surprise given we are constantly bombarded by all kinds of travel ads. Consequently, adventure seekers are not willing to lock themselves into a deal until they have found the option that really constitutes the best value.

In particular, small and medium sized travel companies are becoming increasingly anxious that global tech giants will enter the travel market. Google is a prime example of a global leader who has already created tools for travellers including a flights tool, so this worry is not unfounded. In a more traditional way operating SMBs have limited resources, and in order to stay in the game they should consider partnering with the right Creative Tech Partner that can help them leverage brand creatives. Spirable, the personalised video platform, is used by leading global brands to significantly reduce their advertising costs and create data-driven, highly engaging, personalised video ads for large audiences.

The New Normal: Online Booking

The days of the high street travel agent are dwindling, and online booking has become a new normality: 60% of leisure and 41% of business travel arrangements are now made online. It’s hardly surprising news given how effortlessly we can scroll through an endless amount of deals and reviews from the comfort of our sofa.

Social media has become a crucial channel for marketers - especially when targeting Millennials and Generation Z who are looking for “instagramable” destinations. Service providers should not ignore these segments; according to Nielsen the millennial audience accounts as much as 50% of the shoppers in the travel retail market and more importantly, they travel more than any previous generation. Moreover, this audience love video: 85% of Millennials have purchased a product or service after watching a video. Still, many companies ignore the amount of influence a sophisticated video ad campaign has. Cisco estimates that video traffic will account for over 80% of internet traffic by 2022. Furthermore, four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and nearly 50% are more likely to read email newsletters including links to video.

Future Forward: AI

AI-powered tech innovations bring previously unexplored opportunities to the table and empower users with greater customisation and convenience. The Spirable platform is a great example of this as its capable of creating data-driven personalised videos within minutes based on single online template for millions of people, never before has this been possible at such scale. British Airways partnered with Spirable to increase customer loyalty with personalised travel guide videos, which helped the airline to experience a two-fold increase in its email click-through-rate.

Dynamic pricing and audience-based ads are due to become commonplace. Some airlines are already updating their fares every 15 seconds. Including these types of valuable data sets in your ads is a surefire way to increase conversions, and not only does it put the information consumers value at their fingertips, but adds to a more holistic customer journey.

Chatbots are another powerful tool to bring a new deeper, more personalised angle to the customer experience. Watch our successful case study video with Captain Morgan and find out how hyper-localised videos and personalised Messenger conversations with the Captain attracted consumers.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Marketing with Personalised Videos

Personalisation is no longer just expected during the travel experience - it needs to be extended to the direct online booking process and after-travel retargeting campaigns via CRM systems. Consumers expect companies to offer individually tailored experiences and want to be recognised as individuals with specific needs. According to a report by Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognise, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations, and 83% are willing to share personal data for personalised experiences.

The Spirable platform is an efficient way to reach vast audiences with individually customised content. Spirable helps to bring the campaign production in-house and keep the marketing budget under control.

Contact us to find out how you can generate personalised, dream travel content for customers with Spirable!

#OMR19 Panel: The Latest in Facebook Performance Marketing

Spirable took to the stage yet again last week as a panelist at the Facebook Performance Masterclass at the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) event in Hamburg, Germany.

Sebastian Dettweiler, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Facebook kicked off the session by introducing the Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) program, which Spirable has been part of for over 2 years now. FMPs are technology companies that are specialists in Facebook marketing across multiple domains. This could be companies enabling you to run your media more effectively, helping you to create and automate better creative at scale, or companies who help you to build best in class Messenger experiences.

Facebook invited the leaders in each domain to represent each specialty onstage, with our VP Marketing Lauren Stephens representing creative optimisation, Emanuel Köchert, DACH Country Manager from Smartly representing media optimisation and Max Koziolek, CEO at Spectrm representing Messenger.

Watch the full panel in the video below covering topics such as:

  • How to automate creative production at scale
  • How to add an additional layer of value on top of Facebook Automation
  • How to tap into the power of Messenger and bot marketing
  • How to easily customise creative for the right placement and audience
  • The most exciting emerging trends around automation and AI for Facebook marketing

If you'd like to learn more contact us for a demo or reach out to Lauren directly on Lauren@Spirable.com

The Future of Advertising is Personalised: An Incredible Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg and Sharing the Spirable Vision at F8

It’s not every day you get to be part of a small roundtable meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, but this has been no ordinary year for Spirable who are taking data-driven personalised video by storm for the world's leading brands; Unilever, P&G, Diageo and Vodafone to name a few.

Spirable was invited to participate in the exclusive roundtable as part of Facebook’s annual F8 conference. The meeting hosted just 8 other industry leaders from diverse businesses including Ticketmaster, Tokopedia, Go-Pay, FlipKart, Hubspot, Globo and LeoAR—who have all built businesses aligned with Facebook’s mission of making the world more open and connected. The goal of the session was to talk openly with Mark on the challenges and opportunities we face and how Facebook can better support us in our mission.

For Spirable this was the perfect opportunity to talk about our vision for personalised advertising. A future where all the ads you see across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are as relevant and useful as your friends content. Ads you want to stop and engage with because they are informative, entertaining, humorous or all of the above. We know personalised advertising works because we see the amazing results our clients achieve.

Vodafone is a great example and last week earned us the accolade of Video Platform of the Year at the Digiday Media Awards. Vodafone used Spirable to create hyper-relevant and personalised video ads to drive sales of the new N9 device range and leveraged contextual data such as the weather, time of day, day of week and audience data to dynamically create thousands of different video ads highlighting key product features that would interest specific audiences. Geo-targeting was used to direct people to their local store, or online if they were further than 2km away. The campaign achieved a massive 100% uplift in sales and 3x more website visits. Proving the power of personalised advertising, both online and offline. 

The key to success is contextual data, the 'non creepy' live data that makes the advertising reactive and in the moment. Weather data is a good example, if it starts raining the ad creative, product recommendation and messaging automatically update, making the ad tailored to what’s going on around you in real-time. We see this as a big opportunity for brands to use the right type of data to fuel their advertising campaigns and it aligns well with Facebook’s focus on privacy and security.

Next stop, the main stage for the Partner Innovation Panel

Immediately after the session with Mark we were on stage as part of the Partner Innovation Panel, helping to educate the audience of developers, brands and agencies on the latest innovations in automation and AI across creative, ad tech, messaging and SMB.

Here we were able to share the news of a major development we introduced to the market for SMB’s called SpirableGO, this enables smaller businesses to easily connect live data and creative assets together into on-brand templates that can generate thousands of dynamic video ads in a matter of minutes—something that would be impossible without creative technology. The creative is built in a modular way and is 100% customisable which means smaller businesses are able to be much more reactive and optimise their campaigns in-flight to drive the best performance.

Previously a change to a video would take days to turn around, potentially going back and forward with an agency, this can now be done in-house via the Spirable platform and pushed live to Facebook instantly through the API.

Watch the full panel session below:










The days of generic advertising are over. We’ve proven that relevant and personalised ads perform better and the reason for this is everyone is different and has their own set of unique needs, likes, dislikes, preferences and set of circumstances that drives their behaviour. So for brands to successfully connect on an individual level requires an individualised approach to communications and advertising. Doing this at scale is the tricky part but that's where we come in. 

If you'd like to learn more contact us for a demo or reach out to me directly at Lauren@Spirable.com

Spirable Wins Video Platform of the Year at the Digiday Media Awards

We are thrilled to announce we have been named Video Platform of the Year at the Digiday Media Awards Europe last week in London. 

The awards recognise the companies, campaigns and technology modernising European media and Spirable is the first to win the new category of Video Platform of the Year that honours technology that has most successfully delivered video across platforms.

The win is in collaboration with Vodafone Ireland for a personalised video campaign to drive online and in-store sales of two new own-brand smart devices, the N9 and the N9 lite.

Spirable integrated multiple data feeds and creative assets to automate the creation of over five and a half thousand unique videos from only five video templates, which were delivered across Facebook, YouTube and Display channels. Contextual data such as the weather, time of the day, day of the week and audience data were used to dynamically create the thousands of different videos that highlighted key product features with a CTA of directions to a local store based on a users location, or online if they were further than 2km away.

Without Spirable, it would have been impossible to create, distribute and update content in real-time, saving Vodafone hours of time and resources. In addition to efficiencies the campaign also generated excellent performance results with the dynamic ads resulting in three times higher landing page views and a 100% uplift in sales.

Due to the success of the Irish campaign, campaigns have now been rolled out across seven international Vodafone markets.

Watch the video case study below or get in touch for more information.


OMR Event: Facebook Performance Panel

Spirable is speaking at the Facebook Performance Marketing masterclass at this year's Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) event in Hamburg, Germany.

F8 2019: Partner Innovation Panel

Spirable is speaking on the main stage at this year's Facebook F8 conference in San Jose alongside other leading Facebook marketing partners.

Driving Direct to Consumer Business Growth Through Personalised Experiences

According to a study by IAB growth in most consumer categories is shifting to direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands that have agile supply chains flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing consumer needs. D2C companies represent a small but a significant segment. Today online sales represents 13% of the total retail sales in the US, but it accounted for almost 50% of all retail growth in 2017. While the trend of suffering brick-and-mortar stores continues, online sales platforms are booming: in 2017 ecommerce builder Shopify powered 600,000 online businesses and 73% of purchasing traffic came from mobile devices.

Innovative growth companies, such as Warby Parker, Glossier and Dollar Shave Club are “digital natives” and have been shaking the consumer goods market. D2C brands tend to focus on mastering on a specific product category. Moreover, they have nailed online customer experience since their launch. At the same time global enterprises, such as Unilever and Nike, have noticed the trend, and are now investing in creating frictionless online shopping experiences or acquiring innovative businesses to boost their sales. For instance, Nike estimates its D2C sales to grow by almost 2.5 times from 2015 till 2020. Alike, Walmart decided to tackle the challenge by acquiring Jet.com and is now doing a major makeover for Jet.com to reach affluent Millennial urbanities by generating localised content and delivering personalised product recommendations on its website.

Getting Closer with Consumers and Solving the Paradox of Choice with Data-Driven, Uniquely-Tailored Experiences

There are many reasons why companies are starting to emphasise D2C channels over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Firstly, younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, are tech-savvy and always looking for convenience. But it’s not only the young who lean more towards online shopping. Also busy families and elderly people can hugely save time and effort by ordering home delivered meal kits, groceries and cleaning products or delight their day with flower deliveries. Clearly, this channel can make anyone’s life a little bit more glamorous. However, 64% of shoppers feel retailers don’t truly know them. We are constantly bombarded by irrelevant offerings. Undoubtedly, there is a demand for more personalised experiences.

D2C companies can directly access customer data and thus, create individually tailored experiences with the right technology. Several disruptor companies have taken a note. They don’t want you to only buy their products but also fall in love with the brand. Thread App Uses algorithms to provide personalised styling recommendations for men from hundreds of brand partners, and luxury shoe brand M.Gemi creates limited style editions each week based on consumers’ desires. Automation and AI technology is revolutionizing digital marketing. With the help of the right technology, such as the Spirable platform, brands are targeting their audiences with data-driven, highly personalised video ads across the customer journey. In-the-moment, dynamically optimised content helps to keep customers excited and to build lasting relationships.

Delivering Personalised Shopping Experiences for Vast Audiences at Lower Cost

Social media is a powerful channel to scale brand presence and engage with consumers globally, especially when targeting Millennials and Gen Z, who constantly use social media to get inspired and to read product reviews and recommendations prior to filling their online baskets. The multi-dimensional and agile D2C brands have a strong presence on social media. Emily Weiss managed to built a cult-like following for her lifestyle blog into The Gloss prior to launching rapidly-growing beauty line Glossier. Luggage designer Away ended up publishing an entire travel related book, and is regularly delivering travel related content via its magazine, and podcast show! Opportunities are endless. In the midst of these endless options individually tailored, relevant messaging is the key to reach consumers’ hearts.

Yet, the cost of customer acquisition via paid social media ads has become more and more expensive due to the markets’ crowdedness. Many fund backed companies have ended up spending more on customers than customers are spending on them. Because social media channels are favoured by consumers, retailers should not exclude them from their marketing plans. To stand out from the crowd of irrelevant ads and to avoid rising costs brands need to have refined plans for social media marketing and the right tools to deliver their message. AI-powered Spirable platform is capable of generating hundreds of thousands of data-driven personalised videos within a single online platform. Many global brands have chosen Spirable to automate their social media marketing campaigns and have managed to significantly reduce their advertising costs.

Read more about our successful case studies and request a demo to get inspired!