27 May

6 Strategies to Drive Success For Auto Marketers During Covid-19

Written by David White, Senior Sales Consultant at Spirable

It’s hard to imagine that early cars were sold by automakers to customers directly, or through channels that included mail order, department stores, and traveling representatives. Now picture how hard it would have been for them to sell door to door, with only a black and white photograph!!

Fast forward to the present day and auto marketers have a variety of channels at their disposal – advanced showrooms, test drives, content, TV, OOH, digital, mobile, to name a few. Auto marketers have adapted to the changing consumer trends, needs and technology over time, making it easier than ever to convey the abundance of auto features consumers are looking for, at the tap of a button. Effectively capturing consumer attention across formats and channels, building reputations and selling more cars.

However, in March the entire world was turned upside down due to a worldwide lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, causing disruption across the automotive market. Car manufacturing was temporarily shut down and many of the advertising processes marketers have now come to rely on, have been disrupted due to creative production challenges. Marketers now have to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changing landscape whilst still keeping sight of long-term strategies and campaigns for when the lockdown is lifted.

It’s now paramount for all auto marketers to be as relevant as possible, and build their reputation to stay top-of-mind for when the economy and consumer spending reignites. With an increasing amount of content out there, consumers are more empowered than ever when it comes to researching and finding their next auto purchase.

Here are 6 strategies that can you help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, and stay relevant and connected with your consumers during this challenging time:

  1. Combat ad-fatigue with dynamic video ads
    Ad fatigue is the silent killer of ad performance; the more times the same ad is shown to an audience the less effective it is. This can be overcome through the use of modular creative assets and/or repurposing existing assets together with data and dynamic templates to create compelling ads across-channel.
  2. Easily create thumb-stopping personalised content
    Stand out from the crowd by dynamically personalising your creative using contextual data triggers across all channels like time-of-day, or day-of–week, or live data like the weather to tailor your ads to the individual in the context of what’s going on around them.
  3. Drive more conversion using localisation
    Using geo-targeting, auto marketers can adapt their messaging according to specific locations and markets, boosting engagement and driving footfall to dealerships once they reopen. See case study.
  4. Add a personal touch using Facebook Messenger
    By utilising Facebook Messenger as part of your next campaign, you can create a streamlined and interactive 1-to-1 experience for consumers that effectively drives conversions.  See case study.
  5. Automate key marketing communications and promotions
    Help consumers plan for the future by dynamically advertising the features and models that will revolutionise their lives, this might be new electric vehicles or latest promotions – removing the manual work and creating streamlined always-on campaigns.
  6. Scale your creative with ease
    Generate hundreds or even thousands of unique video ads from a single dynamic template, that are ready to be distributed across channel within minutes, positioning you in the best possible place for recovery

Spirable can help you deliver dynamic video advertising that is more relevant, engaging and increases ROI, view our case studies or get in touch to get started.