Maximise Efficiency with Creative Automation

Create thousands of videos in minutes with Spirable’s intuitive creative automation platform. Used by leading agencies to save hours of time and resource creating and executing personalised video across channel.

Increase Campaign Performance and ROI

Increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition with hyper-relevant, in-the-moment video ads that connect with your client’s customers on an individual level to drive the most meaningful engagement.

Leverage Data and AI to Optimise Video Creative

Make the most of your clients data through dynamically connecting 1st party data, social audience data and contextual live data such as pricing or weather into video to produce the most engaging content at the right time.

Spirable is used by leading creative and media agencies across multiple industries globally.

Create personalised video content that is individualised for each sports fan, along the entire fan engagement journey.

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Dynamically connect live odds pricing into advertising creative to inspire immediate action and increase conversions.

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Use data and video to dynamically create unique experiences on an individual level that inspires action and loyalty.

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Tell the most compelling story to drive action along the customer journey from awareness to loyalty.

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Build your brand and drive online and in-store sales through data-driven video creative across channel.

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Help your travel clients reach their customers at the right time with the most meaningful content.

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We work with the world's leading agencies.

"Spirable helps us push boundaries and deliver the best results for our clients through its innovative creative automation platform. By maximising the use of our clients data,  it allows us to think differently about storytelling and tailor creative for individual audiences, at mass scale, across channel - saving us hours of time and producing the best ROI for our clients through always relevant content."

Biddable Director at leading Paid Media Agency

Case Studies


Heineken drives footfall and ROI using data-driven hyper-localised video

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Neutrogena increases sales using data-driven dynamic video.

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S.Oliver increases engagement throughout the customer CRM journey using personalised video.

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Pandora drives huge efficiency gains with dynamic data-driven video.

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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn engages with travellers using dynamic comparison.

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PlayStation reconnects with millions of players - using personalised video at scale.

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